Seeing Spots!

Polka dot satin slip dress Topshop (£39)*

Before I get onto the subject of this post, which as you may have guessed, is spots, I wanted to thank you all for the lovely feedback on my new look blog. Thank you so much for your comments and messages and apologies for not getting back to you all before today. As I said, the bandages have only just come off the blog and I hadn’t quite realised where I had to go to find the comments, or that I had to approve them before they appeared. I’ll get there!

So, on to the spots! I first noticed spots making a come back last year, when LK Bennett had a beautiful midi length polka dot skirt in the window of one of their London stores. Prior to then, I can’t remember the last time that I saw (or wore) spots. I think that it was probably in the early 1990s when I had a black and white polka dot shirt. Or even in about 1983 when I had a multi coloured polka dot rah-rah dress from Tammy Girl. Oh yes, now we’re talking.

Boden posy shirt dress (£99) – a shirt dress is a great option this season

But here we are again. It’s polka dots all round! I think that they are fun and cheeky in the way that stripes, checks and stars are. Whilst they’re not going to be to everyone’s liking, they do add a bit of interest to an outfit and they are less challenging than florals, which can strike horror into the heart of many – usually because the floral print in question reminds the person of their Granny’s curtains, or an old bedspread.

I don’t think that you can beat a spotted dress for the spring. The Boden Elise dress (£130) is such a good all rounder, whether to a wedding, to work, with flats or trainers. I love the spots, the frills and the shape of this dress. It’s perfect for anyone who carries a little more weight around the hips or bottom as it’s neat, with all of the attention on the top half, it’s nipped in at the waist and there’s some volume in the skirt. Perfect!

(Sorry about the below two images from Mango – they looked fine until the post went live!)

Polka-dot dress

And although I may not wear something this short, I know that there are plenty of ladies who have perfect pins and who would so get their legs out. So this polka dot dress from Mango (£29.99) is fabulous.

If the thought of a polka dot dress is a little too much, let’s take it down a little and look at a top.

Polka-dot blouse

This polka dot top from Mango (£29.99) has to be one of the best spot tops that I’ve seen so far. I can definitely feel a trip to Mango coming on for this little beauty.

And if a dress or a top is too much, let’s look further down to some shoes. Flats or heels, you will see lots of them around – they won’t be hard to hunt down.

I love these shoes – they would be fabulous for a wedding, perhaps with a dress that you already own. Or equally they would be great with boyfriend or slouchy jeans. The high/low combination is a massive trend at the moment so scruffy jeans and fancy shoes is a winner.


Spot sandals Topshop (£46)

But then again, if heels aren’t your first choice, look at these fabulous trainers….

 Boden Hollie trainer (£98)

This last item is less about polka dots and more about spots – but I couldn’t leave it out. It’s the perfect spring combination of a blue and white striped shirt with some embellishment – which just happen to be spots. This shirt is a nod to the trend but it’s a great place to start if you’ve not embraced spots, or dots, before and if stripes are also your thing.

Boden classic shirt (£40 to £50 depending on colour)

I hope that you like my whistle stop tour through the trend for polka dots. If anyone finds a polka dot trench out there, please let me know!

*The Topshop dress that I am wearing was a little bit of an impulse buy just to “see how it looked” when I got home. I love a midi length and although there are a couple of sheer panels, they are strategically placed so there’s no flashing! It would also be really easy to layer a T-shirt or top underneath this dress for a little additional coverage!





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