A Style Challenge – “Mom” Jeans

Call me old school but I’m not a fan of the word “Mom.” And don’t even get me started on “gotten.” I can move with the times when it comes to “reaching out” “see you later” (even though later could be in two weeks, so not really later at all) and “like”. There are a lot of “likes” in our house. But gotten? Nope, not going there. Anyway, back to the point. Mom jeans.

A few weeks ago, House of Fraser asked me whether I would like to choose something to feature from their denim range. After going around the houses a little, I decided on a pair of  “Mom”* jeans. I’ve never done them before and nor have I seen many others in my age group wearing them (perhaps there’s a reason for that!) I thought that I would give them a go – not expecting to like them in the least – but then again entering into the unknown and not being sure of what you’re going to find is the point of the “Style Challenge.”


Red Lips Tee from Becky at Bricks & Stitches (£25)

It’s the “rear view” in Mom jeans which I’ve always found a bit troubling. With their high waist and generally small pockets, your butt can look as if it’s as long as your legs. Whilst at the same time shortening your legs. Not necessarily what we strive for in life.

But then again their high waist can create a nice shape and give curves where there may not be any. And actually the tapered “carrot” leg is quite flattering. In fact I really like the shape of the legs on these Mom jeans. Tucking a top, such as this red lips tee from Bricks & Stitches (£25), in to the jeans is the best way to style Mom jeans. Wear a longer top at your peril! If you like this tee do get in touch with Becky at Bricks & Stitches quickly, as they sell like hot cakes.

KLAXON WARNING  – rear view shot!

See what I mean? My bum does look quite deep but actually the pockets are placed quite high – so it’s not as bad as it could be. Well at least I don’t think that my butt cheeks look as if they’re down near to the back of my knees. But I could be wrong and in fairness I think that other styles may be more flattering. Then again, in some ways the older I get, the less that type of thing concerns me.

You may wonder why the label is still on the jeans. Well the thing is that I had decided to return the lovely Mom jeans gift because the waist is just that bit too tight. But actually since wearing them, they have given a little and it may be the case that they are OK.

That is, depending on what you, my lovely readers, think about the Mom jeans. Shall we go there for a change, or just leave them to the young ‘uns? Does my bum look deep and do my legs look short, or do the strategically placed pockets deal with that. And for heavens sake can we please come up with a better name for them?

* I should say that this particular style of Mom jeans are not currently available at House of Fraser but I have linked to all other available styles above. Both the jeans and the tee were gifted to me. The shoes are from Next (£48)


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