Who doesn’t love a personalised bag?

Happy New Year everyone! It’s been far too long since I’ve said hello to you all. I hope that you have all had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and that everyone is easing themselves back into the reality of everyday life. I always think that I’m ready to embrace routine again but then when it starts? Well, maybe not so much. There’s a fine line between routine and Ground Hog Day.

And along with my thoughts of easing back into everyday life, I’m easing back into the blog with a gorgeous bag which is perfect for this time of year as it doesn’t involve thoughts of squeezing into skinny jeans which frankly, we may just not be quite ready for.

Those who follow me on Instagram will know that we were lucky enough to go away for a few days after Christmas and I was kindly sent this personalised bag from Bev at Papillon Beachwear to take away with me. Bev has some great designs for bags over on her Instagram page that involve bobbles along with different colours, lettering and trims. Bags like this are so useful for a trip away so if you’re ready to start thinking about the summer (who isn’t?) do nip over and take a look at her page.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the New Year.

Beth x

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