We are lucky enough to have a fabulous John Lewis in Birmingham and when I was sent the look book and press pack by the store about a new brand that was launching, I was really excited to write about it. 

The new brand, “PATTERNITY + John Lewis”, is stocked within our Loved & Found section in the store, which is essentially like a boutique comprising lots of niche brands. The range can also be found online here.

PATTERNITY was founded in 2009 by Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham who had a drive to use pattern as a tool to “explore, innovate and inspire mindful living through design.” The founders chose to collaborate with John Lewis because they felt that as well as being iconic, it is also super forward thinking, as represented by this collaboration which combines fashion with interiors, for the first time.  

PATTERNITY + John Lewis long line parka John Lewis (£99)

The brand is about laid back sophistication with pieces for the home, together with active wear and leisurewear which can be combined together, or with existing pieces in your wardrobe, for a really modern look. The strong monochrome pallet and geometric prints are striking without being overwhelming (unless you choose to make a real style statement with them.) 

I love the above parka. It caught my eye straight away for its print, length and volume. It’s a real “throw it over” item of clothing and it doesn’t really matter what’s going on underneath because it’s all about the parka. That’s my kind of dressing. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis Jumper Dress from John Lewis (£75)

This is a look that I’m pretty rubbish at. The off duty jumper dress over leggings and trainers. Actually, that probably means that I should try it because I always love it on others and then just feel a bit of a numpty myself. My friend did a similar look the other day and she looked really cool. I just look like I’ve forgotten to get dressed properly. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis flow print roll neck top (£39)

Oooh now I really fancy this for when I’m running on a warmish day. The days of me running in cropped tops are long gone. I did it a few years ago in the Great North Run because it was baking. You have honestly never seen Mo Farah looked so shocked in his entire life as I approached him after I went over the finishing line and said “hello” to him. I wondered why he looked so horrified. And then I saw the photos. Mind you, it could also have been the ice pop sticking out the top of my cropped top that had been handed to me en route and which I’d forgotten about. 

Mo need fear no more. The coverage that this top would offer would deal with all of that, whilst offering something a little different from my usual sporting attire. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis drawstring boxy top (£38)

Now this cool top could be worn in all sorts of amazing ways – either for an “athleisure” feel or for something smarter – such as wide legged trousers and trainers or with a pleather pleated midi skirt.

This product also supports “BCI” (Better Cotton Initiative) farmers. These farmers use water efficiently, care for the environment and promote fair and decent work. I think that we are increasingly looking to issues of sustainability and environmental impact when choosing which brands to buy from. I remember listening to Stella McCartney talking on Desert Island discs when I was on a very (long and lonely) run in the summer. What she said made complete sense but I do have difficulty with her prices. 

PATTERNITY + John Lewis signature print long length leggings (£45)

Some days I’m in the mood for a full on printed legging, other days I choose to hide behind my plain navy ones. These would definitely be for those braver days but oh boy, when those days arrive, you’ve just got to embrace them. 

PATTERNITY and John Lewis intarsia knit cardigan (£99)

And this is this a bold geometric pattern at its very best. I love how some people I know would buy this and just wear and wear it wear it with utter joy. The way that it is layered over culottes is just fab (and another look for me to pinch!) There’s 5% cashmere in this long cardigan which adds to its softness. 

Quite a few pieces have sold out but there are new pieces which are due to be released mid-season. And if pattern on your person is not your thing, there’s an option for pattern in your home instead – which can sometimes be easier. 

 These organic towels which would make a real style statement in a bathroom that needed a lift (varying in price from £8 for a pack of two flannels to £28 for a bath sheet). I love buying new towels. Even if everything else in the bathroom remains the same, they can just really pep up a bathroom up.

Or for a nod to something monochrome and printed for your soap, there’s this soap dish (£12)

And I’m not sure about this fab tumbler for your toothbrushes (£12) being only for toothbrushes, I think that it would look great as a pencil holder on a desk, alongside something in rose gold. Yep, that’s me sold. 

I think that there might be some bedding coming too and the pieces are such a good price that it would be a shame not to bag something that you like before it goes. I shall be heading to our store as soon as I can (ie as soon as I’ve done my tax return!!!) for a much closer look of all things PATTERNITY + John Lewis related.

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