My top 5 Boden picks from now, through to summer, and back again

I hold my hands up. I haven’t really been in the shops that much since before Christmas – well apart from buying one very sequinned Zara jumper that is.  Sometimes, in order to re-light my fashion fires, it’s necessary to take a little break and hold off for a while. It’s also because, if I’m really honest, I don’t actually need anything else.

Additionally, before Christmas, I re-organised my wardrobe. I made myself an “A” and a “B” wardrobe, which is something that I do with a lot of my clients. Rather than have all jumpers together, all skirts together, all tops together etc, I’ve created a section with about 7 or 8 of my “favourites” of each in it, so it’s a little like a mini wardrobe.  It makes getting dressed a dream and it also means that I’m utilising what I have much better. It also means that I’m now looking at those pieces that aren’t in my “favourites” section with fresh eyes and soon I shall probably swap some of them around.

Anyway, the point of all that is that there are some pieces that are great to wear all year round, are a little bit different to everything else and which just add an interesting element to an outfit.

There are few things more exciting than getting a new brochure through the door and one of my favourites is always the Boden one. Luckily it has the pieces that I’m talking about in spades, so I’m going to share my top five picks for all round, A lister dressing taking you from now, through to the warmer weather and then back again.

Melina Trousers (£80)

How cool are these trousers? I LOVE them! True, as these are a paper bag style, they aren’t as fitted and some ladies find that they make them look heavier around the hips. However, for a change they are really refreshing and our skinnies will always be there tomorrow.  Also if you like the idea but feel a little out of proportion in them, wearing them with a heel of some variety definitely helps style them out. 

These trousers are great with white trainers as shown here, with heels or with ankles boots. And I just think that there’s something lovely and modern about them. I will be digging out my Whistles pair tomorrow – for sure.

These are an alternative to the peg leg trouser – for those days that you fancy something a little more fresh than a traditional styled pair of trousers and which are flattering on curvier hips. They are lighter in weight so it may be a few weeks before they can be worn but it’s lovely to have something new waiting in the wardrobe wings for when the sun’s rays first appear.

Wide leg culottes (£65)

Some of the pieces that I’ve really loved wearing over the last few weeks are lighter weight shirts and blouses, which I’ve layered under chunky knits. If you pull the sleeves of the jumper up it, it reveals a pretty cuff or detail on the blouse, which just makes the outfit that little bit special. Or a frill peeping through at the neck can also work really well. And then when it warms up, hey presto whip your jumper off and the rest of the top can be revealed.

Melissa ruffle neck blouse (£70)

Along with my pretty blouses, statement knits have been a real favourite this winter. Whether it’s because of their bright colour, print, sequins, balloon sleeves or heavy weight, a knit with interest really puts a smile on your face. The rainbow stripes on the sleeves of this jumper certainly do that. Great for on the slopes! (No, I most definitely won’t be going this year!)

cashmere crew neck (ivory stripe) £130

Updating your jeans has to be one of the best ways of injecting a whole new lease of life into your wardrobe. I have a pair very similar to this from the GAP and I love wearing them. They’re also two toned with a raw edge and they are great for the every day and for going out. I wasn’t sure at first but now I’m a real convert. 

Cambridge ankle skimmer jeans (£60)

And a midi dress is THE perfect addition to a wardrobe, especially one such a this which can be layered with knee high 70s style boots and a fitted polo neck in the winter and with pom pom flats and layered necklaces in the summer. It’s a great shape too with a little arm coverage, a v neck a nipped in waist and a little volume in the skirt. Big tick in the flattering dress shape department. 

Jordana Jersey Dress (£80)

A bag with interest is a real show stopper all season round.  It doesn’t have to be bright in particular – although I like a bright bag. But look for studs, tassels, detailing, leopard print or just something that grabs your eye and makes your heart skip a beat. 

Renee shoulder bag (£150) which also comes in ultra blue, navy blue, leopard and black.

And finally, the sunnies in a cats eye shape, which is THE shape of the season. I’m not really a sunnies girl in the winter – I feel a bit of a numpty in them – so I tend to save them for the sun. But on others? I think that they look fabulous. 

Blair sunglasses (£60)

Oooh and these are probably a bit of a cheeky inclusion as I’ve run out of  my five choices but trainers have to earn their place in my favourite wardrobe items to see you through from winter to summer and back again.  Anything that you have that’s feeling a bit blah and in need of a lift – just stick it with some white trainers. They’ll soon give it a kick up the whatsit. 

Hollie spot trainers (£75 to £98)

So my lack of trips to the shops? Well that’s all about to change as I have lots of Personal Shopping appointments coming up. In the name of “research” I shall be hitting the shops soon – do let me know if there’s anything you’re on the look out for in particular.

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