Looking for the perfect flats? Introducing Rogue Matilda!

Blonde Sweetheart Rogue Matilda (£179) 

I know, I know! A picture of me in a pair of shorts is not what you might want to see right now. The thing is, I wanted to share with you these fabulous trainers from Rogue Matilda and I don’t want the UK weather to cause them – or me – any distress. So I photographed them when we were away but for now they are safely in their box, at least until the less soggy weather arrives and then I will be wearing them non stop. I have no doubt that they could be worn out and about in inclement weather and that they would be fine but let’s remember, we’re talking about the girl who keeps all of her shoes in their original boxes here. Anal? Me? Never!

Silver Sweetheart Rogue Matilda (£159) 

It’s only right that I let you all know that these trainers were gifted to me by Katy from Rogue Matilda. You know me and trainers. When am I never not in a pair of trainers, or flats? Truth be told – rarely. Although I am currently sitting here in a pair of very high boots which frankly, are a pain in the a*se. Each time the doorbell rings – which it does frequently here – I balk at the thought of having to get up and answer it. Proof if ever it were needed that heels are not conducive to moving around a lot.

Trainers can be worn with everything from a pretty dress, which is what I did on Christmas Day (see below) after abandoning the heels, which lasted all of about 10 minutes….

…to shorts (see above) wide legged trousers, jeans, dungarees, a work suit, a tulle skirt – anything really. And the older I get, the more I need to put comfort above everything else.

Cow Sweetheart Rogue Matilda (£159)

I had followed Rogue Matilda on Instagram for a while before Katy approached me. I really loved the name of the brand – it’s probably something to do with us having a “Matilda” of our own. And she is a bit of a rogue. That’s the power of marketing for you – although in fairness Katy’s middle name is also Matilda. If ever I see anything with the name “Florence”, “Freddie”, “Matilda”, “Libby”, or “Ellen”, on it (amongst others) I have to think twice before turning away and not buying it. Yes I am that middle aged sucker with emotional attachments to many names, that the marketers love.

Hot Pink Sweetheart Rogue Matilda (£159)

Katy created Rogue Matilda in a response to her inability to find the perfect flat shoes. She found pumps unsupportive, trainers unprofessional and traditional brogues unflattering. She wanted comfortable flats that would become the focal point of an outfit so she uses interesting textures, prints and bright colours for that classic and quirky look that she loves. Plus they have a memory foam inner sole which makes them super comfortable. They can literally be worn for hours without any problems whatsoever.  

If you’re looking for an update on the classic brogue, there’s also the Taffy (£179) which has a leather upper and leather pony skin details, together with a stacked sole. 

Or for a more traditional style but with a twist, there’s the Pomme Noir brogue (£185) which I love for their edgy smartness. These would be amazing with some really wide legged trousers, or cigarette pants and a tux style blazer with a white shirt with a bow at the neck. Oooh yes, if I worked in an office I would so get a pair of these.

There’s also a sale on over at Rogue Matilda and no doubt some new season shoes are on their way, so do hop over and take a look if you fancy it. These are, I think, my perfect shoes for a night out and they are hugely reduced in the sale. They are also currently residing in my basket.

Crazy Chic (now £45 instead of £169)

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some really amazing brands recently, so over the next few posts – and in amongst my usual ramblings – I will be bringing those to you. There’s a whole world of new and exciting small brands out there for us to investigate together.

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