Kooky Two – creators of modern and stylish jewellery for everyday dressing

I love it when I meet new people, when we get chatting and then when I discover that they do something fun and exciting. 

I met Claire and Clare from “Kooky Two” at a Red Magazine Style event in October. We sat next to one another and got chatting about what they do – as you do – and it turned out that they ran their own small independent jewellery brand. They source the materials and then put them together which means that they are able to create necklaces with chains of different lengths and styles, adding different charms and beads, for a really personal feel.

I was really delighted when Kooky Two asked me if I would like to write about their jewellery. Their passion for what they do clearly shines through, so I jumped at the chance.

Lightning bolts are definitely having a moment, and this necklace is a real favourite of mine. It’s small and delicate and works really well when layered with other necklaces too.

Gold lightening bolt necklace (£25) which also comes in silver (£18)

silver trio tiny star necklace (£18)

I love all things star related and this necklace is perfect for layering or wearing on its own. Personally I like shorter length necklaces that just sit neatly at the base of your neck but it comes in four different lengths, meaning that if you’re not sure of someone’s preferences, you can opt for a mid range length and probably get it right. 

Heart beat necklace (£23)

I haven’t come across a heart beat necklace before and personally I think it’s a great one to gift to yourself from a loved one in a “Look what you bought for me” kind of way adding, just for good measure “you make my heart skip a beat.” How could they possibly deny you the joy of such a gift?!

I’m a huge fan of ear-rings, to the point that I’m thinking of getting another piercing, just so that I can wear way more of them. Ear-rings have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, not only in the sense of big, statement, dangly ear-rings but also in the sense of cuffs, creepers and all sorts of intricate and delicate pieces that don’t dangle but rather just adorn. 

Silver trio heart stud creeper earrings (£20)

I have these earrings and love how delicate they are, whilst at the same time being a little more modern that a traditional stud style earring. A similar style are these silver triangle ear creepers (£20) below.

If like me you just can’t keep away from the lightening bolt theme, there are also these lightening bolt earrings (£18)

I also love the branding of “Kooky Two”. Claire and Clare (one with an “i”, one without!) are obviously brilliant friends who have come together to run a business which suits their lifestyles. Their aim is to create minimal, modern and stylish jewellery for everyday dressing, which can take an outfit from day to night. For them it’s about a simple approach, whether it’s with something personalised or layered, dainty or more statement in style and “wowish”, such as their Crystal Innovations  collection, using Swarovski Crystals.

For something a bit rock chic there’s these silver hoop earrings with jet black crystals (£25) which are fabulous if you like an earring to make a statement without them wearing you, like some of the huge ones can.

They also come with a metallic blue swarovski crystal (£25), which are stunning.

And how fantastic would it be to wake up to these on Christmas Day? They look like a flippin’ great big diamond and to be honest, that would be good enough for me, for sure.

Aurore Boreale earrings (£25)

Additionally, Kooky Two offer personalised necklaces and bracelets, where the girls hand-stamp discs with letters or numbers.

Personalised triple disc necklace (£33)

This necklace comes with one, two or three discs and can be personalised  with two styles of font, three styles of chain and adjustable lengths depending on the style of chain chosen. The entire range of personalised pieces can be seen here

Whilst I am the first to admit that I champion our high street, when it comes to jewellery and special pieces it’s nice to have a personal relationship with the brands, and the people behind them. Supporting small businesses, which are often run by busy women in positions similar to ourselves, is increasingly the way forward. Do take a look at the Kooky Two site – I’m sure that Claire and Clare would love to hear from you.

Disclosure: This post was written in conjunction with Kooky Two but I chose which pieces to write about. Kooky Two kindly gifted to me a gold lightening bolt necklace and a pair of heart creeper earrings.

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