Me & Em – winning basics in gorgeous fabrics

You know me, I’m not really a designer girl at heart. True, I love a good handbag and I can’t deny that I love comfort and quality but I also like mixing those pieces with bits and bobs that make my heart skip a beat – and quite often I find those brighter, blingier, neon, pieces in places such as Topshop and H&M.

But I’ve always loved Me & Em and when it first started, I remember lying in the bath reading the catalogue and coveting the pieces. So when an opportunity presented itself in my day to head to Me & Em and try on a whole range of pieces that I’ve admired from afar for years – well it would be have been crazy not to take advantage of it. I must confess, it was a dangerous expedition and I came away thinking that life would be so much easier if I could just buy everything from there. The quality, the cut and the fit are fabulous.

Hello grinning idiot! I completely fell in love with this skirt and this jumper which I think I could wear pretty much all winter long. I’ve included some clearer images of both pieces, below.

Fluid front frill skirt Me & Em  (£169)

I love this skirt styled with these biker boots. It just makes it a little less girlie than if styled with heels – and a whole lot more edgy but also accessible on an every day basis. It scoops down slightly at the back too, also making it just a little less “twee”. In the photo above, I’m wearing a size 8 so I’d say it comes pretty true to size. 

Cashmere slim fit roll neck Me & Em (£249)

And this red cashmere jumper is just beautiful. I’ve been looking for a red jumper for a while now and this was the perfect shade of cherry red. It didn’t come home with me – but I’m still plotting! I’m wearing the size 6, which was great as I didn’t want anything too oversized. Sometimes over sized is good but only if I’m balancing it with a fitted piece elsewhere – and generally heels of some description too. Otherwise I can look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes. Not that I’m averse to wearing other people’s clothes – my friends have some lovely pieces.   

Detachable scarf knit dress Me & Em (£189)

I have a knitted dress that I dig out every winter, particularly when it gets really cold and I love the versatility of it. This dress is 86% merino wool and 14% elastane and it’s not in the least bit itchy, which is always the danger with wool dresses. Nor is it too thick for those who are concerned about over heating in wool. This dress would work well for a smarter event with statement jewellery or with a leather and biker boots, or with a blazer for work. And the detachable scarf enables several different looks to be created, which is always handy in a “no I’m not really wearing the same dress again” kind of way. 

And with the scarf, below. Now I know that there’s no denying that this dress is fitted but it didn’t cling, or fall, in such a way that I felt that I had to breathe in when wearing it – which is always a relief. I’m wearing my usual size 8 and it didn’t feel too tight.

Oh and the trousers are just amazing. I’ve been looking for some wide leg trousers for several winters now but I’ve found either that they’re really baggy around the hips and bottom as well as in the leg – thus giving the impression of a clown, or they look more like a boot cut than a wide leg. These though are fitted around the hips and waist, slightly slouchy and with plenty of width in the leg.

Pinstriped tux jacket Me & Em (£299) Pinstriped wide leg belted pant Me & Em (£169)

I’m wearing the jacket here, together with the trousers. The jacket is slightly too long for my frame /with this style trouser but I haven’t worn a suit in years so it was nice to try one on. And I think that the combo of the sparkly top and pinstriped trousers makes them more wearable for the everyday. Well, provided that you see sequins as “the everyday”. Doesn’t everyone?!

These trousers are obviously way too long for me but I loved them, so I’ve bought them and they have been shortened so that I can wear them with flats. I’m just waiting for the right moment to get them out and about. Again, they came up true to size, which is a real bonus given how much the sizes can vary both across, and within the same, brands.

These trousers are the same style as the ones above but they’re called the “Flannel wide leg trouser with belt” Me & Em (£169). I’m sooo tempted by these too. They are so comfortable, a fab colour and just a refreshing change from skinnies.

I would say that these are my favourite picks but honestly, everything is so beautifully designed that I have many favourite picks from the collection. If you’re ever in the area, I would definitely recommend going into a store for a try on. Everything that they say in the brochure is so true.


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