The one thing that we all need in the winter…

If there’s one thing that keeps us warm in the Winter, adds interest to our outfits and lifts our spirits, it’s a gorgeous Winter scarf. And that’s where Cleverly Wrapped comes in. Set up by Harriet Cleverly in 2015, Harriet hand picks the best pieces from scarf designers around the world and brings them to Cleverly Wrapped. Harriet has always loved scarves and is known amongst her friends for rarely being seen without one.

As former Operations Director for the GAP UK and Head of Retail at the White Company, Harriet knows a thing or two about retail and customer service – and all of her scarves come beautifully wrapped, making them the perfect gift. Some of her designers have been with Harriet since Cleverly Wrapped’s inception  but she also likes to include up and coming brands, plus she has recently launched a signature range of cashmere scarves.

A few weeks ago now I was invited down to Cleverly Wrapped’s HQ in Hampshire for the launch of the new A/W collection. It was a lovely day out and I was treated to a tour of the premises plus the most delicious lunch. I was in great company meeting other bloggers and you know me – I always love a little bit of “behind the scenes.”

As part of the event, we were invited by Harriet to choose a couple of pieces from her new collection that we particularly liked – which is an important disclosure point!

I immediately fell in love with this Rose & Rose leopard print wool scarf (£95) in Himalayan navy. It’s a gorgeous piece because being made of wool it’s really warm. It’s also long but not too wide, meaning that there’s not too much bulk – which can sometimes cause problems with winter scarves, slightly limiting their appeal to the outdoors only.

The blues in this scarf are lovely, along with the leopard print of course. The tassels around the edge stop it from being too full on “wintery”. Which is of course a very well known fashion term.

I’m starting to wonder just how many pieces I can collect with the word  “LOVE” written on them. I think that I could quite potentially go on forever. In fact if ever I was going to have a tattoo, that would be what it would say as I know I will never tire of the word. But I’m not convinced that a tattoo is for me, so I don’t think that it will be happening any time soon.

However, as an alternative having “LOVE” tattooed across my knuckles, these Quinton and Chadwick grey wool “LOVE” gloves (£35) mean that I can have the word emblazoned across the back of my hands for the entire winter instead.

I love the grey/coral combination and if I’m going to have to wear gloves in the winter, I want to LOVE them. They also come in this lovely, fiery red.

In this picture I’m wearing the lovely “LOVE” gloves as well as this brightly coloured Quinton and Chadwick scarf from Cleverly Wrapped (£73).

And along the same theme, there’s this absolutely beautiful “LOVE” silk print scarf (£135). I adore the versatility of a scarf like this, whether it’s worn at the neck, or tied to a bag, worn as a triangle with the point at the front, or the back and of course silk is perfect for those who can’t wear wool.

“LOVE” silk print scarf (£135) – aren’t the colours just stunning?

For anyone who would like to buy either themselves, or someone else a gift from Cleverly Wrapped, there’s a 10% discount with the code Beth10% which is valid up until 24th December.

Even more so than a new coat or a new jumper, a new scarf can lift your winter wardrobe and add some print and texture to create interest. I really love writing about newer, niche brands on here, and I would love to hear what you think of the Cleverly Wrapped collection.

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