Some of my favourite Winter coats

A new Winter coat can create excitement like very little else – apart from perhaps a new pair of Winter boots. They can vary from the uber practical to the uber trendy, from work coats to workhorse coats. Coats that make you smile, that are bright, furry, leather, striped or printed are all there for the taking – and some come with a rather large price tag. Some that are less expensive can last for years or barely a week, before revealing their true bobbly selves. 

Coats are often a hot topic for discussion in the fashion press and it can get quite political and sometimes a little personal. Some insist that one should make one’s selection in August and pay a hefty price tag for an “investment piece” that will last us a lifetime. I’m never totally convinced by this argument, on the basis that the following August the same debate will be had once again.

This season, Topshop has a great coat game. When I was in there the other day, wherever I turned, there was a coat that caught my eye. And here are a few of my favourites…

This colour block coat is a style that Topshop does quite regularly now. I have one from last winter that I really like and being a fan of check, but not in too full on a way, I really liked the checked colour block coat (£110). The navy and yellow just tempers the check down a little.

I kept coming back to this pink boucle cocoon coat (£75), which actually looks better in the flesh. It’s a lovely shade of pink which is broken up with the marl effect. And it’s just that little bit different. 

I may just have come away with this coat. First of all I adored the colour and honestly, if you want to make your waist look small, try this little number on. It’s all to do with proportions and the width of the sleeves but it works – and it felt beautiful when it was on. It’s lined, has a good weight to it and had I not known otherwise, I could have easily thought that it cost nearer to £300 than £100.  For those interested, this is the clean mutton sleeve coat (£75).

Now I didn’t actually see this coat in the flesh but I do love a double faced coat (£95). The cheeky pink peeping through is fresh and modern and whilst the coat doesn’t look oversized, it’s not overly tailored either so it’s a little less formal than some….whilst still being smart. Are you with me?!

But then for something more classic, there’s the double breasted slouch coat (£75). It’s slightly oversized and a little bit mannish but it works just as well with jeans and trainers as it does with a smarter work outfit.

So if you’re in the market for a coat update but you don’t want to break the bank – whilst of course still acknowledging that £100 is not an insignificant amount to spend on a coat – then it might be worth taking a stroll down to Topshop.

Also I couldn’t resist including some shoes. These sooooo grabbed my attention. Blue, velvet, flat and with stars adorning the ankle straps. They’re so pretty.

These are the Ariel chain pointed flats (£29) and they’re a great alternative for a going out/Christmas Day shoe, if heels aren’t for you.

And for something slightly crazy and a little fun, there are the Ali faux fur flats (£26). Whether you’re someone who smiles at these, or rolls their eyes at them, they definitely bring about a reaction.

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