It’s leather jacket time!

I’ve been after a navy leather jacket for a while now and somehow, yesterday, it just happened. Seriously, I finished a show at QVC, walked down to Chiswick High Street, went into Jigsaw and came out with this navy leather jacket.

I realised when I got back to the studio that it was 3pm and I hadn’t had any lunch. The light headed feeling that I had surely meant that I was hypo-glycaemic and I barely remember buying it. Now there’s an excuse if ever I’ve heard one – but it is true, sort of. Luckily I had had my eye on the leather jacket for a while so it was more of an automaton purchase as opposed to a wildly crazy one. And thank heavens for birthday money. 

So here is the Jigsaw washed biker jacket (£299) , helpfully covered up with a rather large furry scarf. Which is why there’s another picture of it below…

For years I was seriously unsure about leather jackets and I didn’t own my first one until I was forty – which I know is when many people stop wearing them. I still have my cream Oasis one, plus a Reiss one bought at a bargain price in  sale – but I’ve hankered after a navy one for a while.

This post was partly meant to be about non-black leather jackets, which is why I’ve featured ones in various different colours. A black leather jacket is of course a wardrobe staple, and many wouldn’t consider another colour – but there are lots of black leather jackets about, so this is for those of you who just fancy something different.

Reiss is a great place to look for a leather jacket. They have a sale on at the moment and lots of the suede ones are reduced. But for now I’m featuring the Kate leather jacket from Reiss in khaki (£425). this is one of those great colours that takes on the colour of what it’s put with – whether it’s brown, khaki or another similar colour. 

Then of course there’s the Everyday biker jacket from Baukjen, which I’ve shown here in winter cherry (£399). The reviews of it are fantastic so it’s worth investigating, plus it also comes in black, pale pink and navy. This Winter Cherry is great with navy, black, grey and berry colours. Plus brighter yellows layered underneath it look great too. I could sooooo be tempted by this colour – just maybe not right now. 

This is the navy version of the Winter Cherry one, above. It’s a lighter navy than the Jigsaw one and was also a strong contender – but the Jigsaw one just got to me first. 

All Saints is the other place to look for leather jackets. I used to love it when there was an All Saints at Bicester – that was really handy. This is the Balfern leather biker jacket from All Saints (£318) in slate blue. The sky blue and the washed pink, both below, are reduced to £222 in the sale.

I love the soft ice-cream colours of both of these jackets – and they work really well with lighter colouring. There’s such a good range of leather jacket at All Saints that I’ve linked to all of them here.

Now the thing about leather jackets that there’s just no getting away from is that they are pricey. True they may be a wardrobe staple that may last for 10 years and their eventual cost per wear may turn out to be negligible but nonetheless. So try lots first. Nick one from your mate to try if necessary. What I would say though is that if you’re a wimp like me, in the colder weather they really do keep the chill out and they are great for layering under a fur gilet or an oversized coat. And the cropped Boden cashmere cardigans (even slightly moth eaten ones) layer underneath them really well.  

No post about leather jackets would be worthy if it didn’t include the grey Onyx leather jacket from Hush (£295). I adore the colour of this jacket and I like the way that the sleeves are ruched, as if to demonstrate its utter softness.

So far I’ve dealt with leather and whilst it’s pretty easy to find faux leather jackets in black, coloured ones can be slightly more scarce. This though is the Lucy faux leather biker from Oasis (£65) in dark green. It also comes in burgundy.

I hope that you’ve found this helpful and apologies for any typos or spelling mistakes. It’s late and I need my bed!


  1. Jan McIntyre
    October 10, 2017 / 9:28 pm

    Lovely jackets. I had a couple of leather jackets in my thirties. Went off them, managed to find a faux grey leather one from TU last year and I have worn it so much!?!!

  2. Carol
    October 11, 2017 / 5:57 pm

    I have a black biker from Massimo Dutti nearly two years ago, and a coffee coloured biker from House of Fraser. Love both and wear them loads. Very tempted by your navy one and the berry coloured from Baujken! Love the whole outfit on you btw. That scarf is lush.

  3. CathyB
    October 18, 2017 / 6:15 am

    Love these- think it's time to try a leather / pleather jacket age 37 as I've never been brave enough before! Where are your jeans from? They are gorgeous.

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