FrezyDerm Hydrating Cream for Mature Skin…

Way back in the summer I was contacted by a PR Company who look after a brand called FrezyDerm. What I gleaned from that initial email was that FrezyDerm is a Greek Company with a 30 year history. They specialise in skincare with products for acne, eczema and psoriasis as well as making sun protection products. 

I was asked whether I would like to try their “Moisturising Rich Cream” and I think that I was probably asked because I looked as if I would benefit from using some “intense hydrating mature cream”. As our (soon to be) 16 year old son would say: “Fairs.” 

Moisturising rich cream from the Frezy Derm site or from Amazon (£19.99)

All that I was asked for in return for the moisturiser was a 100% honest review of the product, whether it be after a few uses, a week or a month. And if there was anything negative that I had to say then they were interested in that too. I have to say, that kind of appealed to me.

When I first posted about the cream on Instagram, it seemed from the comments that I received that the sun protection had a bit of a cult following, particularly the Sun Screen Velvet Face SPF 50 + People seemed delighted that they could now get it in the UK rather than just in Greece.  Having read the reviews in the Times, and Sunday Times Style Magazine, I can see why it may be so popular.

As to my experience of the product?  Well the proof absolutely has to be in the fact that when the cream ran out, I bought one of my own as I really missed it.

So then I tried to work out what it was about it that was so good?

Well I first started using it when we went to Greece in the summer. Somehow given the brand’s heritage, it seemed apt. At first I wasn’t entirely sure. I’m not great with smells and it initially felt as though it may make me feel a bit funny but I very quickly got used to it – had I not, I would have had to return it.

I like that it’s substantial but not thick and greasy, plus I can put my make up on pretty much straight after using it. And more to the point, I like how it makes my skin feel. At my age I’m never really going to be glowing and wrinkle free, so I’m happy to aim for smooth, non blotchy, non spotty and soft – and given that it seems to deliver on all of those fronts, I’m very happy. Oh and I like the fact that it has a dermatological leaning.

As to the price, it’s not so crazy that I wonder whether all that I’m really paying for is some fancy packaging, a huge marketing campaign and the cost of renting a space in a high end department store.

Again as our son would say “Fairs.”

Additional bits and bobs of information from the FrezyDerm website…

The product that I was asked to try was for mature and post menopausal skin (I’ll take “mature” thank you!)

The product that I tried was free from parabens and the products aren’t tested on animals. Here’s a link to the active ingredients in the Hydrating Cream.

FrezyDerm’s aim was to design, produce and market dermatological products which conform to strict pharmaceutical standards. Whilst initially they were to be marketed to dermatologists, in 2016 Frezy Derm created a sales department and the products are now stocked in more than 200 pharmacies across the UK.

On Feefo the hydrating cream has three reviews sand each of them are five stars. True, two of them just say the word “excellent” and one of them is, I think, written in Greek – but they are definitely positive.

“The words on the tin”…..

“The rich face and neck cream provides intensive hydration to dry and dehydrated mature skin. Daily use strengthens and improves skin structure increasing the density and tone of thin, fragile skin and preventing wrinkles.

This fast working cream immediately provides deep and long-lasting hydration without residue. Its non-oily texture leaves the skin looking and feeling smooth, supple and ready for make-up. It is instantly absorbed.”

The Awards and Certifications Page on the site makes for an interesting read and seems very impressive.

Obviously I am no skin care expert so I can only comment as I find. Everyone’s experiences may well be different but I personally I found this to be a great product.

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