The Air & Grace Flutter Trainers with a new (ish) style skirt to ponder

After the pop up at home last week, I treated myself to a pair of the Air & Grace flutter trainers (£149). As I think I’ve mentioned before, I’ve worn holes in my Adidas Superstars and I feel a bit scruffy in them now, especially when I’m working. But I do need comfortable flats for the days that I’m personal styling for five or six hours at a time.

The great thing about this new style is that Claire has designed them to be neater around the ankle, with less padding than her other styles of trainers – which I also love. In fact I can’t wait for next years’ Spring collection – but that’s another story.  Anyway, back to the flutter trainers – they are a little bit more like a cross between a trainer and a shoe and I have to say, since buying them, I’ve hardly taken them off. I’m wearing the pink leather but they also come in navy metallic leather, white leather and I think that the grey ones are due to arrive soon.

As well as the trainers that I’m wearing, I wanted to mention the style of skirt that I’m wearing too, which seems to be gaining in popularity. Mine is a couple of years old now and is from Zara but there’s this M&S checked skirt (£39.50) which ticks the “front split pencil skirt” and the “checked” boxes at the same time. 

Skirts in my view can be funny old things. For a start they require a top to go with them and said top has to really work to keep the proportions right – unlike with jeans or plainish trousers where it is possible to wing it a bit more. Also a skirt and a top can feel a bit too much like an “outfit” at times – so there’s the danger of feeling overdressed. And finding a great style skirt can also be tricky. Dark pencil skirts can be quite work like, pleated skirts I love but they’re not for everyone, A-line skirts can be a little bit blah at times. But that’s just my view on them! 

This style though I really like. Maybe it’s because we haven’t seen a lot of them for a while and they feel quite new and fresh and they don’t have any kind of connotations associated with them – school/work etc. I love the colour of this M&S  cobalt blue pencil skirt (£35). It also comes in a cream colour (described as neutral on the site) which is reminiscent of Andie MacDowell in Four Weddings and a Funeral. 

And then there’s this front split patch pocket skirt in olive from M&S (£39.50) which also comes in black. 

Or for those who like something really bright, there’s the tailored column pencil skirt in pink from ASOS (£30).

When it comes to a top, as well as a blouse working well, think slogan T, denim shirt, fitted cashmere knit or oversized cream roll neck fisherman’s jumper. They all work. Oh and below is a picture which Claire took at the pop up last week of her shoes on our table. How honoured! (Me, not Claire. Our table is only made of old scaffold boards!)

And here’s a final shot of the flutter trainers in all their gorgeous, comfortable, glory! The memory foam sole is just heaven to walk on and there’s a slight angle in the sole so that they’re not completely flat. Perfect if you have a slightly dodgy back!

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