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It was earlier this year that I first noticed that pearls were adorning (nearly) everything in Zara and I was going to write about them then. But I thought that the trend might just be a one minute wonder. How wrong was I? Now they are all over everything. Literally, everything. Whether it’s a slogan T, a striped or checked top, jeans, a parka, shoes, bags, jumpsuits, jumpers, skirts, blouses – wherever you turn in Zara you come face to face with a pearl (or two). So here’s just a snapshot of the 169 – I kid you not – pearl pieces in Zara Woman.

First of there’s a hooded pearl sweatshirt (£39.99) – I love the juxtaposition of the relaxed hooded sweatshirt shape, with something that we associate more closely with the Queen.

Then there’s a sweater with pearly cuffs (£19.99) which also comes in black, navy, grey and mustard. This is a really easy way to tap into the trend without making a huge financial commitment to it. 

For anyone who is looking to make a jeans update for the winter, the mid rise jeans with pearl beads (£29.99) could be just the thing. 

…or for work, or at the weekend with jeans (probably not pearl ones though!) how about a navy shirt with pearls on the shoulder (£25.99)?

There’s also a slogan t-shirt with pearls (£15.99)

And I’m quite a fan of this long pearly cardigan (£69.99) which is both practical and stylish. Is it all right if I ignore the rest of the outfit – which will no doubt become uber cool very soon but which for now, I think, is pretty terrible. 

Or how about a pearly hat (£9.99)? Great for the colder winter mornings with a parka or a smarter work coat. 

I also think that the turn ups on these skinny mid rise jeans (£29.99) are rather cool….

For something a little smarter, there’s this jumpsuit with pearls (£69.99) which I think would look great with a striped top underneath, or a white shirt. 

For a little jacket, there’s the pearly jacket (£29.99) – which looks a little more like a cardigan to me but there we go. It also comes in grey and is quite a neat fitted look as an alternative to the oversized baggy look in the winter.

I’ve seen other pearled items in M&S but so far they don’t seem to have spread much further than that – unless anyone wants to tell me otherwise!

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  1. Kathleen Penfold
    September 14, 2017 / 3:06 pm

    I like the idea but nit sure how well they would survive in the wash – housewifely nightmares!

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