Jigsaw’s three alternatives to the pleated skirt.

I’d pretty much decided before I collected it, that the pleated skirt from Marks & Spencer would be going back but actually, I really liked it – particularly the SWISH! The reason that I thought it would be going back was because I decided that it looked so lovely on Maryam (who wore it on here a couple of posts ago) that I would just hate it on myself. But the colour is vibrant and fun and it moves beautifully…..so it may get to stay.

But the whole reason for this post is that, from the messages that I get, I think there are whole host of ladies who love the idea of a pleated skirt but who haven’t yet managed to hunt down the right one. So I’ve come up with three alternatives to a pleated skirt – two of which are actually pleated skirts but just bear with me – which might just do the trick.

Being the owner of several pleated skirts, I think that I’ve sort of sussed out which ones work the best. And this one could be one of them…

This is the Jigsaw multi coloured pleated skirt (£199) and it’s from their English Eccentrics range for A/W. Although it is undoubtedly more pricey than many of the things that I feature on here, it is totally beautiful in the flesh and perfect for a Winter wedding, for Christmas, for a party, or for every day, just because you love it. It’s 100% polyester so it has that lightweight floaty quality and it doesn’t add any bulk to the frame. Nor is it boardy and stiff like some of the metallic skirts can be, which I always think is a shame because they just don’t move with you.

The colours in the skirt are stunning and the way that it’s panelled keeps the eye on the move. I love the idea of picking up the brighter blue, or the navy, in a fitted jumper. I held this skirt up to me and it was more of a mid calf length – but then again the model is 5ft 10″ so that might explain it.

One tip when trying on these style skirts is that you must move in them. Even take a video if it helps. Rarely do we stand completely still and when a pleated skirt moves, it can be really much more flattering than when you’re standing straight on looking at it in a mirror. Twirl, walk, sway and swish and watch how it moves with you.

The colour of this Jigsaw pleated iridescent skirt (£140) is absolutely stunning. As it says in the description of this skirt, it has a subtle A-line shape, being fitted at the waist and flaring slowly down to the hem. Again it’s 100% polyester, with a lining and an iridescent outer layer, which is sheer towards the hem. I like this skirt because it’s less “formally” pleated than a proper pleated skirt. It’s a bit like a hair style which has loose, natural curls, as opposed to a very tight perm. So this skirt could potentially be an option as an alternative to a pleated skirt. 

Finally there’s the Jigsaw heavy satin fluid skirt (£120). It comes in grey (above) a dark green and also magenta. This skirt is 100% viscose so again very fluid and rather than having pleats, it has gathers, which drape from the waistband. 

The first skirt has kind of snuck in by the back door although to be fair, despite the fact that it’s pleated, it is a very floaty fabric and it has beautiful detailing which could be really flattering. The other two options are more relaxed than the knife pleats. So have a play, put the waist band lower down towards the hips and see how it works. Try it with a heeled ankle boot and a knit which doesn’t come down too low over the hips. Have a swish and a sway in it and do let me know how you get on! 


  1. Anonymous
    September 25, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    I have the Marks skirt, but in the navy, and also the Jigsaw grey satin skirt. I'm reallly enjoying wearing them, but slightly struggling when it comes to planning ahead to colder weather. Any thoughts as to what sort of jacket / coat would work with these skirts please? I have seen them working well with leather jackets, but don't have one and am anyway not sure that's quite right for me. Thank you Elizabeth

    • StyleGuile
      September 29, 2017 / 11:40 am

      Hi Elizabeth – oooh your skirts sound lovely. So for jacket options with these style skirts, I think that a pea coat can work well (it's great with trousers too) and it's a nice alternative to a biker jacket. The other option is to try a biker with a longline sleeveless coat over the top for a layered look. Hope that helps! Beth x

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