Mother, get your knitting needles out….

I know that some of you may, (quite rightly) think that I have taken leave of my senses but oh goodness me how much do I love this Ganni Faucher sweater from Net a Porter (£355)? Yes, that’s right. £355. Gulp.

But then again the ways it could be worn are endless. And arguably that would be rather handy as this could be the sum total of my winter wardrobe.

Given that I tend to feel the cold, knitwear is going to be “big” for me this winter I’ve decided – in more ways that one – from statement pieces, to jumper thickness and, it would appear, price – it’s going to loom large.

This jumper is hand knitted in Italy by local Tuscan artisans and it takes three days to complete each one. Which got me thinking….my Mum and her friends are great at knitting. My Mum was taught by her Auntie Vi, who was a prolific knitter and who could have rattled this off in a day or so. Sadly she is no longer around but my Mum, with her pals Vera, Freda and Pat – well they could become the “Breaston Artisans” and furnish me with one of these in no time at all. Are you up for the challenge Mum?

This is one of my other favourites this year, the Bella Freud 1970  cashmere jumper, which at £390 is even more expensive than the one above. BUT it does have my actual, genuine, year of birth on it, so that makes it more than worth it doesn’t it? The problem is I’ve seen Jamie Oliver’s daughter’s wearing it in what is clearly an ironic kind of way. If I wore it I think that people might look at me and just feel sorry for me in a “Crikey you’re quite an old lady” type of way or even worse a “Really? 1970? Surely you must mean 1962” type of way. And they might have to lift my chins up to actually see the date, which is never a good look.

But seriously, if there’s anyone out there who would even vaguely like to attempt knitting a jumper like the Ganni one above, I would love to chat!


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