A stylish (and supportive!) swimsuit from Cocobay – plus a 15% discount

Seafolly Castaway Stripe Bandeau Maillot Swimsuit (£118)

For some people, floating about in a swimming pool with cool cans of coke being brought to them by an inflatable flamingo is a regular occurrence. For me, less so. But for this post I can at least pretend can’t I? 

Can I also pretend that I wear a sunhat and sunglasses in the pool too? Because of course it’s not likely that some little (or large) monkey is going to come along and tip me off now is it?

But enough of that. What I really need to talk to you about is this fabulous swimsuit that I referred to in an earlier post. Without a shadow of a doubt some women would rather wear a swimsuit, preferring the coverage and support that it offers over the tummy area.   

There are a number of reasons that I love this swimsuit. First, I love the look of it and that’s the most important thing because if it doesn’t look great, it’s not going to get any further with me. It makes an impact but in a subtle way. The stripes are cleverly designed in such a way that they flatter and narrow the torso, cutting into it, rather than widening it as full width horizontal stripes tend to do. This indigo – or navy – colour is also one of my favourite colours that there is. So that goes in its favour too.  

Secondly, the fabric is really supportive so everything feels well contained and you don’t feel in the least exposed. It does take a little bit of a wriggle to get it on but that’s testament to how supportive it is once on. Once in place, it doesn’t move an inch – and neither does anything that’s inside it. I loved wearing this swimsuit. I’m generally more of a bikini girl but this sort of felt like an “outfit” and if I was staying at a resort where there were lots of people, or if I was away with a group of friends, I would definitely feel more “dressed” even though I was in swimwear.  

In terms of detailing, the cups have a hidden underwire and they are moulded, plus they have gripper tape so that everything stays firmly in place.  The swimming costume also comes with a detachable halter neck strap. To me it also felt a little bit like a glamourous swimsuit from the 1950s that had been brought up to date. 

There’s also a clasp across the strap at the back of the swimming costume too. 

At £118 this is definitely an investment piece but Seafolly are not just about a tag. This swimsuit really does have something to offer, namely longevity, style and a great fit. I’ve worked as a stylist for many years now and there are some things, that for some women, it is worth them investing more in – whether it’s because of the fit, or because it does a particularly good job, or because of the way that it makes them feel. I am definitely a high street girl at heart but having been lucky enough to wear bikinis and swimsuits from Cocobay for three years now, I absolutely understand what they are about. My advice would be that if you think that this may be the holy grail of swimsuits – the one that you’ve been searching for and which so far has eluded you – try it just to see how you get on. 

The Seafolly swimsuit from Cocobay also comes in a white/black combination for those who prefer a different look.

The lovely people at Cocobay have set up a 15% discount code which is valid until the of September, just enter BETH1517 at the checkout. Happy shopping! 

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