A Pop Up comes to Birmingham!

For a long time now I’ve wanted to do something at home, with brands that I love. And now, it’s finally going to happen! I’m holding a “Pop Up Shop” on Friday 15th September between 11am and 3pm. I would really like to make it a huge success for the brands involved, many of whom are travelling a long way to come (not that I’m feeling the pressure or anything!) so if you would like to drop in, or come for the day, please just let me know and I’ll let you have my address. It might even give me the impetus to get the tap in the downstairs loo fixed.

Hmmm. Not really a way to welcome your guests now is it? [image from Gallery hip.com]

I love working with niche brands and supporting other women (and men) in business.  Over the years  my styling and blogging work has enabled me to meet lots of wonderful people who have set up their own businesses. And whilst of course I love our High Street, I love smaller brands even more. The brands who are coming along reflect my love of shoes, interiors, furniture, jewellery and gifts so hopefully there will be something for everyone. Here’s a bit of inside info as to who is coming along…

Claire from Air & Grace London who make THE most comfortable shoes I have ever come across. Plus Claire designs her shoes with leopard print, metallics, glitter, pom poms, frills and flouro. Claire has well and truly found her niche with Air & Grace, so if you fancy trying on a pair of shoes which make you feel like you’re walking on air, you know where to come.

Then there’s Avie & Oak which is run by a husband and wife team, Nat and Joe, who together make the most beautiful Scandanavian inspired furniture, which can also be bespoke.

Or there’s this beautiful bench for the children.

Nat also runs another business, the Norm where she designs prints, greeting cards and products that make you smile. Many are inspirational and motivational. I particularly like this one….because we’re all Superwomen aren’t we?!

I love this card of Nat’s too…

I’m really hoping that the weather holds so that Anna, from Anna Cox Cushions can adorn our garden and outside space with these stunningly beautiful cushions which are handmade in Morocco…

I bought a few of Anna’s cushions earlier in the summer and I LOVE them. Great for a treat for yourself, or for a room that needs a new lease of life – or indeed a new room.

Oh and girls there’s going to be lots of brightly coloured things in our house on September 15th – how could there not be, with the inclusion of neon beach club?

Again we’re talking tassels, pom poms, sequins, neon, stars, pineapples, flamingos….

…and maybe even a little bit of cashmere from Cove Cashmere, another favourite brand of mine which is stocked by Neon Beach Club.

And as Birmingham is famous for its Jewellery Quarter, what better brand to invite along than Gemma from House of Solus, which is located in the heart of our wonderful Jewellery Quarter.

Gemma designs beautiful, individual pieces, such as wedding rings and engagement rings. She also restores pieces which are in need of a little TLC and she makes really modern, edgy pieces which can be personalised and which are really well priced. I have two of Gemma’s pendants which I wear on rotation, they are so gorgeous.

If I know you’re coming I might bake a cake…or two (but don’t let me make your coffee or tea – I’m hopeless at those.) And if you’re struggling for childcare, I’m sure that we can squeeze the odd baby or two in.  Oh and don’t be put off by the location – we’re quite nice in Birmingham and you really don’t need a passport to come up from the south. It’s less than an hour and a half from Euston and train tickets can be very reasonable 🙂

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