A maxi skirt that’s a dress – it just doesn’t know it yet!

ASOS maxi skirt in floral print with shirred waist (£35)

I have a serious new love, in the form of ASOS. I know! How late to that particular party am I? The guests have literally packed up, gone home and had a two week holiday in the time its taken me to cotton on. But better late than never. I should add that it’s not just for my benefit. No sireee. I have tried to get my husband some new Birkenstocks for our summer holiday because frankly the 12 year old ones are worn out. And whilst people may well have tried to steal his crocs on the beach in Cornwall a few years ago (I kid you not. Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous?) they didn’t have them in his size.  Oddly the Carvela shoes I liked were available in my size. But I shall save that tale for another day. 

I am getting to the point, honestly, albeit via a de-tour to the moon and back. Whilst searching for maxi skirts, I came across these two beauties (above and below). I ordered the black one first, closely followed by the lighter version. 

ASOS maxi skirt with shirred waist in floral print (£35)

But guess what? They look absolutely ridiculous on me as a skirt. A shirred (“smocked” to those of us who grew up in the 70’s) waistband does not flatter a tummy that’s had three babies. True a longer line top might work but really no-one wants a skirt that makes them look as if they’re about to have a fourth baby. Soon.

But hey presto, hoik them up under your armpits into an off-the-shoulder dress and they work a treat. They fit neatly over the bust and aren’t too voluminous but there’s enough room for anyone who wants to get themselves a little holiday baby belly. 

The black one that I ordered was a size 8 and the white one is a size 6 as that’s all they had left. Both of them fit plus they’re a nice fabric, they don’t crease easily and they pack down small – which is good because our luggage amount will be limited. 

Photos will follow from a sunny isle sometime soon. Well actually no doubt it will rain when we get there because as a family, we have the capacity to make it rain anywhere we go. Who needs a rain dance? Just call the Goodrhams! 

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