The “new”* basket shape for an instant accessory update

You know how something can creep into your sub-conscious, weaving its way into your brain until suddenly one day you wake up and, having not been in the least bit fussed about an item, it has now become your “must have” piece and it’s right at the top of your “wanted” list, bumping everything else that was previously above it into oblivion?

Well that’s exactly what has happened with these circular baskets. I blame Instagram for it. In fact I blame Instagram for a lot of things. What I do love though is how they convey that idea of a warm, balmy, summer’s day (which is clearly unlike any other basket that I own) – plus they are just a little bit of a departure from the shopping bag shaped baskets that we’ve seen over the past few summers. A basket update if you will.

Circular woven basket Edit 58 (£40)

So this basket I spotted on Erica Davies of The Edited. Now for sure if you’ve come across me, you will almost certainly already know Erica but if not, you can find her on Instagram here. Erica has great style, a fab house and the best basket! Sadly when I went to hunt down her basket which was from Edit 58, it had sold out.

French Baskets $40

Nevermind. I knew that I had seen Chloe (at Chloe Loves to Shop) with one that was similar and when I scrolled through her Instagram I found that she had bought hers from French Baskets (above). Sadly Chloe’s didn’t appear to be on their website (I have linked to similar, above) which left me back at square one.

Aloha basket Etsy (£40)

So that left me with only one option, which was to head to Etsy – “an online market place for individual sellers of handmade or vintage items”.  It really is the place to go for all things crafty/basket like/pom pom or tassel related.

It took me a while but, after using a few different search terms, I came up with this beauty. Now the bad news is that I snapped up the last one with “Aloha” written on it. The good news is that it’s possible to order one AND it can be personalised in one of six different coloured wools. So really the world is your oyster, whether it’s a French slogan (very now), your initials, your children’s names (should you forget – something I find increasingly to be a problem) or some random word that you like (for me, that would be “Twilight” which could easily be mistaken for “Twiglet” which would be very unfortunate.)

My basket will be on its way shortly and I have to say that I can’t wait. I know that many of you won’t believe it but it’s been a while since I’ve bought anything new (well, apart from 2 new pineapple T-shirts from the gorgeous Gift Pop Boutique) so I didn’t think that a new basket was pushing things too much.

Let me know what you think – can you be persuaded?!

* I used the word “new” in the title in its loosest sense.  I think that they have been using this shaped basket in Morocco for centuries!

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  1. Crafty Kestrel
    June 6, 2017 / 6:22 pm

    I love this kind of bag. Just the thing for the summer, I hope someone tells this awful weather to go away then I can buy another one. x

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