My perfect Boden holiday wardrobe

I know that I’m a little late to the “holiday booking” party, especially when said holiday is only six weeks away – but today, after months of procrastination and inactivity, I finally managed to book one.

And the thing is, I’m really excited. Since we’ve had children, which is now heading towards 19 years ago, we’ve done very few “hot” holidays. True, we’ve had some that were meant to be hot but that weren’t (the rain is attracted to us like bees to honey) but other than that, we’ve been happily UK based. Partly we just weren’t hard core enough to face travelling with the children (I’ll admit, I like an easy life!) but also with our annual trip to Guernsey which we all love, and a few trips to Wales and Cornwall here and there, we were content with not going very far.

But this year we felt like a week in the sun. Flo will be off to University in October so who knows where she might be next year and after what seems like a never ending winter of rain and damp, a week in Crete is just what we could all do with. And don’t talk to me about the skiing “holiday”. That doesn’t count. I don’t think that I’ve ever sworn so much in a week.

So when Boden invited me to take part in their campaign to celebrate the launch of their “Holiday Hub” I felt that it would be the perfect way of pulling some of my holiday wardrobe essentials together.

For me it’s the “bits around the edges” that make a summer holiday wardrobe. It’s the holiday accessories – the pieces which shout “I’m on holiday and yes, I might even buy into one of the crazy local souvenirs which seems a good idea to wear when I’m here but which I might live to regret when I get home and re-visit the photos.” It’s the things that I don’t necessarily wear on a daily basis when at home, that make all the difference.

So first off I would choose the Antibes Cup Size Bikini Top because obviously it fits my brief (no pun intended) of not being something that I would ordinarily wear when visiting my local supermarket. I love navy, its such a classic and the polka dot gives it that lovely 50’s feel. Plus the cup sizing is a god send for someone like me who just doesn’t fit the standard size 8/10/12 norm. Oh and the wiring – let’s not forget that all important push both inwards, and upwards, that the wiring gives. And those children I’ve mentioned – well let’s just say that they’ve all played a part in things not being what they could be (and of course I wouldn’t have it any other way!)

And I think that I will go with plain bottoms. I just feel happier that way. Let’s just draw the eye upwards and away from those cheeky bum cheeks shall we? Yup, good idea. Very good idea.

And for those days when a bikini just feels too much like hard work, then I’m a fan of a full on figure flattering swim suit. It still needs support and the clever styling of this Santorini Swimsuit ticks all of my swimwear boxes.

The words “body sculpting” and “lightly padded cups” are all music to my ears! I love the print on this swimwear – it’s just like the gorgeous tiled floors that all the instagrammers take photos against in their summer sandals. Speaking of which…

I would be taking these Pom Pom Sandals  in snap dragon, which sounds so much more engaging than red, with me.

And for nights out – which largely exist in my head, I would be taking these Caterina Sandals. Not only because I love the idea of them with boyfriend white jeans and a bardot top but also because it wouldn’t be so easy for my son to tap me on the head, look down at me,  and say “All right short arse?”

The reality of course is that really I could do with the Eva Espadrille because whilst I’m not the slightest bit concerned about everything going with everything, they will go with everything and they will be comfortable, particularly for travelling in.

And speaking of travelling, I love this Ariana jacket for travelling in. We land back in the UK late at night, when no doubt it will be a little chilly, so this would be perfect. In fact it might be the piece that I wear the most on holiday as the “battle of the air conditioning” commences inside the villa. Why my husband chooses to go somewhere hot and then make it as cold as back at home, I’m not sure. 

Then I need some eye catching sunglasses, such as these dahlia red Luz sunglasses which will just add a bit of colour to my outfits and make me look very cool and trendy (well, in my head at least.)

After that, how about a fringed towel which I can use as a sarong, around my shoulders – or indeed as a towel (although it’s probably too nice for that and I’ll just stick a few old Ben Ten/Tweenies ones from home in one of the kids’ suitcases)

I always have a gorgeous scarf wherever I go on holiday, which I use as a blanket, around my neck (obviously), to tie on to a bag, to wrap a child in, as a pillow on an aeroplane, or to put around my head chic startlet style (OK old woman style) when we end up whizzing along somewhere and there’s a breeze. This pom pom scarf would work perfectly for me. 

Then I will need a gorgeous bag trips to the pool or the beach…

Some jewellery… such as the Diona Bracelet

And the Lena necklace which, being simple in its styling, will again go with anything and everything.

And then I’m good to go. Except, as you may have noticed, I don’t really have any clothes. But then again for a week in the sun I don’t need many clothes – as I said before it’s all about the “bits around the edges”. Having said that…

A beach kaftan would be a perfect addition to my holiday wardrobe, as much for everyone else’s benefit as for mine when I’m walking around between beach and bar (OK, pool and fridge.) The Luz sunglasses will work like a dream with it too. 

But for sure I would need some shorts, so I would take the Lottie Linen Shorts because they will be cool and shorts crease whatever they’re made of, so that fact that they’re linen is immaterial…

….and a pair of plain shorts could be a good idea, in which case the Pippa shorts, with their broderie texture, fit the bill perfectly. 

For tops, I’m not really a fan of lots of piles of plain vests or t-shirts, instead preferring to cover up with some cooler, looser, boho or bardot tops. So let’s go with something lightweight but with sleeves, such as this gauzy boho top which I can pop over my swimwear or wear with the Pippa shorts.

…or the Henrietta linen top which will go with both of my pairs of shorts and also underneath my Ariana jacket. 

Ooooh and the Allegra top has my name on it too. This would look great with the Pippa shorts and pom pom sandals. 

Skirts, for some reason, I’m not too concerned about. All of my tops will be quite long so their proportions will work better with shorts or trousers but a couple of dresses? Now we’re talking. I love a summer dress – so easy!

The Terese dress is 100% cotton, so it will be cool and lightweight plus it will work really well with the Luz sunglasses and pom pom sandals. 

I adore a black dress in the summer. I find them chic and a fantastic back drop for jewellery, such as the gold Lena necklace, which I’ve featured above, so this jersey maxi dress would be perfect.  In the evening I would wear it with the necklace and Caterina sandals and in the day, with the pom pom scarf and pom pom sandals. 

For a week in the sun, I think that I’m done. Oh, apart from nightwear – I definitely need nightwear. The Suzie shorts and the Featherweight T would work like a dream (I know, terrible pun. Again.)

So, the things is, I’m too tight to pay for the bags to be booked into the hold, which means we’re all travelling on hand luggage. Consequently, someone might need to let me have a little room in their suitcase. Husband, you can manage for a week in a couple of pairs of budgie smugglers and a pair of crocs right? Yes? Excellent.

Just so that everyone is in the picture, Boden may send a small gift to me for writing this post – but I have no idea what that may be. All the items that I’ve chosen I’ve done so myself and all wording is my own (as if anyone else would write what I write!!!) And I’m so pleased that I was asked to write it as the timing was perfect (although not perhaps for the bank balance!) Have a lovely weekend. Beth x

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