House of Fraser Activewear – not what you might expect!

Biba Jungle Jaguar Jersey Short (£12) Jungle Jaguar Vest (£17)

Historically, House of Fraser wasn’t somewhere that I would have visited, or looked at online, for active wear. And probably if I had, I would have been disappointed, because it wasn’t until the end of March this year that they launched their own active wear collection. Their range includes a collection from their own house brands Biba and Label Lab plus pieces from Seafolly, Bjorn Borg and Ted Baker all of which really are worth taking a look at individually – particularly now that many pieces are in the sale – and collectively they are amazing. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen such a wide range of prints, colours, styles and brands in one place. And whether you’re after performance wear, or something more fashion related, there’s definitely something for everyone.


Jungle Jaguar Vest (£17)

This is the vest that I am wearing in the above shot. I actually love it – the colour, the print, the feel and the fit are all amazing. For those who prefer their activewear to be fitted but not skin tight, this is incredible. Stand sideways, breathe in, breathe out and the top looks exactly the same. That’s all you need to know really when it comes to its fit! And the fabric has a great weight to it – it must be the 87% polyamide 13% elastane combo – meaning it doesn’t leave you feeling exposed and self-conscious.

Jungle Jaguar Jersey Short (£12)

And these are the shorts that I’m wearing. Again they aren’t tight, which is perfect for this hotter weather. They will be coming out with me tomorrow on a run, when the temperature is forecast to reach 31 degrees. Eeek. I think we’ll be heading out early doors!

The great thing about the Biba Body range is that there are lots of different pieces within the one print, with lots of plain pieces to complement them. So for anyone who doesn’t fancy the jersey shorts, there’s the Biba  jungle jaguar capri (now £15, instead of £30).

Or for the winter time, or for those who prefer the coverage that a full length running tight gives, there’s the Biba  jungle jaguar legging (now £17 instead of £35).

And for those who prefer a shorter short, there’s the Biba jungle jaguar running shorts which are now £10.

Now, in addition to the jaguar print, there are also some other gorgeous prints and styles. I’ve also slightly fallen for the Lazalea Leopard Ombre Tee (£12 down from £28). And I’ve identified what it is about this range that’s so appealing. It’s that the active wear comes in prints that I would actually choose to wear in my everyday clothing, so I actually like it for its design and aesthetics, not just because it comes in a capri, or because the capris have a high rise, or because it has a flash of orange on it.

Lazalea Leopard Ombre Tee 

Love this tee from the back. It’s just a bit different!

And this print also comes in capris (£15) and leggings (£17) – I’ve linked to the full range here and in particular I love this lazalea leopard bra top

Or there’s the zebra mono print shown in the capris below (the link I’ve included is to the entire range) which also includes leggings, running shorts a bra top and a bomber jacket.

Or finally, there’s the black stallion print which contains lots of pieces but by way of an example, here’s the vest;

I’ve linked to the entire Biba Active Range here as there are a number of plainer pieces that can be layered in amongst the printed pieces to break up the look.

For now I’m heading off into the distance in my full on jaguar jungle vest and shorts with huge thanks to House of Fraser for gifting* these lovely pieces to me. I shall be adding to my collection for sure!

*Just by way of clarification, whilst the active wear was gifted to me, all words and views are my own.

Oh and huge thanks to my friend Ellen, for taking the photos. She was patient beyond belief – active shots in active wear are very tricky to get!

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  1. Jan McIntyre
    June 24, 2017 / 11:02 am

    What a great range. Going to take a look �� Great price as well. I would never have looked on Hof

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