“He’s Got My Back” by Love for the Mama

We all know that slogan T’s are a huge trend at the moment and recently I met Kayla who runs Love for the Mama. Whilst on maternity leave with her second child, Kayla started jotting down phrases that came to mind which “related to the madness of her day as a mother.” A germ of an idea for a business was sewn but she painstakingly researched suppliers before launching her business.

I’m wearing Love for the Mamas He’s Got My Back T (£25) which Kayla kindly gifted to me. I chose this T because my husband really does have my back. I had to explain to him what it meant though – he’s a lawyer and not particularly au fait with social media and this “modern” kind of lingo. But once I explained it to him he got it. Although I think that he still remains slightly bemused and when I wear it he looks at it and says questioningly “Oh, that’s me isn’t it?”

This style also comes in “She’s Got My Back” (you just make your selection at the checkout). For information I’m wearing an XS and it’s plenty big enough on me. I love the idea of giving a “She’s Got My Back” T-shirt to a friend. I really believe in the whole “sister hood” idea and looking out for one another when life gets tough – or just in general.

Kayla makes a range of t-shirts for children, Mums and Dads too, with a percentage of her profits going to charities such as Women’s Aid, Water Aid and Save the Children.  I love this no time to contour tee (£24) – which perfectly sums up a busy morning with young children.

And whatever our age, or stage in life, we all have reason to be….

This Thankful T is £25 and comes with black sparkly lettering. And for a baby or child, there’s the Milk Drunk baby T (£12). I remember those days so well. That warm, snuggly, post feed stupor that babies go into.

I love supporting small businesses and Kayla is an absolute gem. She’s bubbly, lively, full of energy and I’m delighted that she’s holding a Body and Style Confidence event at the Plough in Harborne on  6th July at which Natalie from Style Me Sunday, Pascale from Style Mum and Victoria from Victoriagenevievestyling will be answering questions. Oh how lovely to have an event in Birmingham! And later in the year Kayla and I will be holding an event together – so I will keep you posted of developments!

Who has your back?


  1. Carol
    July 2, 2017 / 5:12 pm

    Beth I love your skirt, where is it from?

  2. Anonymous
    July 4, 2017 / 11:37 am

    What does 'he's got my back' mean?

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