A Finery Dress WITH sleeves AND it doesn’t show your knees!!!

Benworth Lace Panel Midi Dress from Finery (£99)

I know how difficult it can be to find a dress not only with sleeves but also with a good length, so I really wanted to share this Finery dress with you. If you haven’t already come across Finery do nip over to their site and take a look. They have some brilliant pieces, with great styling at good prices. 

Along with the dress, I’m wearing these Coral Cord Tassel Ear-rings from Alice’s Wonders (£6). Cathy set up Alice’s Wonders a few years ago now and we collaborated together right at the very start of her journey. Cathy has a great eye, she’s really passionate about what she does and she has some wonderful pieces at great prices so again, I would thoroughly recommend taking a look at her site.

And it’s my 9 year old photographer who’s responsible for creating this shot. She wanted me to twirl. So twirl I did!

Hope that you’re all having a super weekend. Beth x

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