Coming to your rescue….

We all know that the High Street is great at catering for the masses but woe betide you if you are taller, or shorter, or have a larger bust or curvier hips than those masses. Suddenly life becomes a whole lot trickier.

The same is true for those ladies who have wider feet; for those ladies for whom shoe shopping is just a miserable experience because none of the shoes that they like will go on.  Well that’s where the Dune Lucki double strap sandal from John Lewis (£65) comes into its own.

I happen to love this style of shoe, wider feet or not. Metallic – rose gold or silver (tick), sparkle – on the heel (tick), flatform – for height (tick), slightly cool and Scandi (tick), comfortable (tick) and for those with wider feet, two buckles that actually function so as to accommodate a wider foot, which equals ticks all the way to the till. And I haven’t checked but it’s possible that they could be tightened significantly too, so they may accommodate a narrower foot – as well as an “average” foot. Excellent news all round!  

Let me know what you think. I hope that these could be just the gem you may be looking for this summer.

Beth x

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