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Where to go to for a good selection of tops is one of the questions that I get asked most often. If your wardrobe is short of tops, you really do know about it. That’s because rather than wearing dresses, jumpsuits, or playsuits most of the time – which clearly don’t require a top – we tend to live in jeans and trousers, or occasionally skirts, which clearly do. And when the weather suddenly starts to get warm, whilst it might be a quick and easy transition from jeans to chinos, we often feel the need for a “new top” to spruce things up. Those old T-shirts that have sat languishing at the back of the wardrobe just don’t cut the mustard do they?

So here’s my selection from Oasis – a veritable one stop shop for tops. Plus they have now started stocking clothes from a 6 to an 18, so if previously it wasn’t a shop that worked for you, now might be the time to take a look through a fresh pair of eyes.  

Starting off with the most simple of tops, the cami. Great either on its own or for layering under other tops to “fill the gap” – usually the modesty one that is. This top comes in 6 colours, so there’s something for everyone.

v-neck cami (£22)

Next, those ubiquitous stripes which appear season after season. But these aren’t any old stripes – these are stripes with flamingos and sequins. I like this because it’s a little more than a T-shirt but it’s not fancy enough to call itself a “top”.  And there is a difference!

stripe kissing flamingo T (£30)

Next up, pineapples. There are lots of us having a love affair with all things pineapple related right now and Oasis have tapped into that with this fabulous yellow T-shirt with sequinned pineapples. A glitzy T which hits the right spot for those after something a little more embellished than a plain T but not something too over the top. Personally I love a statement skirt and a glitzy T.

pineapple T (£28)

For a bit of subtle daytime shimmer, whilst still in a T-shirt shape, there’s this T in the colour of the season – khaki. It’s perfect for those who have had enough of grey and who find black too harsh, plus a little bit of shimmer is a nice touch. I like the idea of this under a camo shacket and with ripped jeans. OK, so not very summery but it would fab with cut-offs too. Khaki is so great with white too, or coral, or navy, or red, or pink…..

khaki shimmer T (£24)

Now we’re talking! Full on sequins – and let’s not just keep them for the evening. You all know what a daytime sequin fan I am. There’s just something lovely about a sequin T-shirt, whether it’s with jeans, under dungarees, with shorts, chinos, a pleated skirt, or a pencil skirt and heels.

sequin front T (£35)

And of course a fashionistas wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a blue and white striped bardot top. Which is why I haven’t got one. I’m not so good with off the shoulder – I still haven’t worked out how to empty the dishwasher or hang the washing up without moving my shoulders. BUT I love them on other people and I often look at them longingly, wondering how others manage where I fail. Perhaps I’ll have to stop someone and ask them.

Ticking stripe Bardot Top (£32)

A lace top is a real winner for the summer and the fabulous thing about this top is that it is short enough to sit on the waistband of a skirt. So many skirts are ruined by the lines of a top that is too long – a top which covers your narrowest part and spoils the look turning it from elegant and nipped in at the waist to dumpy (I speak from experience on this!)

lace top (£40)

This top is a real gem for a curvier figure. (Cue best Trinny and Susannah voice) – true, it might have the higher neckline but it’s only a thin band. The V-neck has a fastening which prevents gaping, the fabric skims without clinging and then it nips back in at the waist with this wide band which stops all that wafting that you can get with voluminous tops and which aren’t always flattering. The diagonal line across the torso is a good styling trick too as it draws the eye down and across, plus the print keeps the eye on the move. So if you’re a lady with a curvy bust who struggles with tops, this could be worth a try.

Royal Worcester Wrap Top (£42)

And then for anyone who wanted a “going out” top, this one offers a combination of different fabrics, a bit of shimmer and it’s a good length, meaning that it’s great over skinnies, or cigarette style trousers with heels.

Crinkle foil tee (£35)

There are over 226 tops on the Oasis site and what I really like is the variety available. They’re not all super trendy but there’s definitely something for everyone whether it’s a cool T, an everyday top or a going out top. And if all you have time for is a quick whizz into town, that’s where I’d suggest you head. Have fun!


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