Wardrobe Update – Edgy, spiky, cool jewellery

Now I’m just warning you in advance – there are some scary and slightly too close for comfort photos coming up. Let’s just focus on the jewellery shall we and not the wrinkles? I took these photos after a recent Friday night out to celebrate Mr SG’s upcoming 50th. Say no more!  

We all know that there’s a huge trend for huge ear-rings this season and whilst they are fabulous, as I’ve said before, I do feel a bit Pat Butcher in them. I’d love not to – but I do and there’s nothing that I can do about it.

But I do love ear piercings and pretty ear adornments. I went and had a good look at Maria Tash in Liberty when I was last in London as she has some beautiful ear-rings and her piercings are like works of art. However with each piercing being over £100 – and without a lot of spare room in my right ear to have any more piercings, I moved away from the idea.

Having said that I still fancied some slightly edgier jewellery. Something a bit more “rock chic” than I might have had previously. So when I was invited to a Stella & Dot jewellery party, I knew that I would be in luck. As we were heading off for the weekend, my decisions were quick! I started with the Pave triangle ear climber (£32). For a ring, I opted for the winding arrow ring (£25) which I wear on my thumb. It’s a S/M and it can be made smaller, which is really handy as I have quite small fingers.

The bracelets that I’m wearing are ones that I love and that I wear every day. They are from Bella Jane  jewellery and they were gifted to me by Annabel a long time ago now. I love bracelets layered up together and these are just so easy to wear as they go with everything. So to add to my collection I bought the Renegade Cluster Bracelet (£45) from Stella & Dot – which is a spiky little number. If I put it around my neck I could do my best punk impression.

As we get older and things soften around the edges soften – I’m thinking jawline, waistline, cheekbones etc – it’s nice to counteract it with a bit of something slightly more angular! Or if you just fancy a change and a move away from more traditional pretty style jewellery, this could be an option – still delicate but just a little more edgy and it feels fresh too.

Hope that you’re all having a lovely Easter Monday. Beth x

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