Seeing Stars on a night out…

Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a fabulous Easter! Yesterday I did the quickest of whizzes into Birmingham with the three children for visits variously to H&M, Topshop and GAP (them) and to Mango (me!) where I bought this Flowy shirt  (£19.99).

I first saw it a few weeks ago and have pondered over it ever since. I have a real thing about stars at the moment (you may have seen me wearing my star jeans ALOT on Instagram pic and link below). Anyway, the shirt was a winner for a night out last night as I don’t really have any longer tops, other than  jumper dresses, to go with my pleather leggings and as we were going out to eat, I really wanted to wear something with an elasticated waist. And the scoop on the back of this shirt is great for bum coverage. So the outfit worked well for me….I could eat a lot without getting uncomfortable, whilst keeping my bum covered at the same time. It was a win win. Oh, and for info purposes, I’m wearing an XS.

Anyway, here are the Mango jeans (£49.99) which I really like, as I’ve already mentioned, for the stars but also because they’re aren’t any rips for saggy bits to fall out of! 🙁 I find that they come up true to size and mine are a size 8. They feel a bit “low in the crotch” for want of a better phrase, when they first go on but when they warm up, they can be hoiked up a bit more so they are more comfortable.

And finally, I’ve barely taken this star necklace from Gift pop boutique (£30) off since it was gifted to me a couple of weeks ago now. I love that the stars are all the way around the necklace so you constantly get a glimpse of a little shiny star.

 There are so many gorgeous star pieces out there at the moment – one day soon I’ll bring you some more but for now I shall say night night. x

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