Gift Pop Boutique – for all things tasselled, sparkly and neon!

Sorry to those of you who have already seen this post. I published it a while ago and then it seemed to “in-publish” itself…so here it is again!

Sometimes you just come across a new brand and you love everything about it. For me it was love at first sight with Giftpop Boutique. I got in touch with Hannah, who runs it, via Instagram and she kindly agreed to lend me a few pieces to write about (plus she very kindly gifted a star necklace and some star ear-rings to me, which are gorgeous.)

Pink Star Basket (£45)

Hannah had a desire to set up something that was fun and colourful, so she took the plunge and put together a small collection of bright, happy and wonderful things, vibrant things that she would like to buy for herself, or her family and friends. Everything she chooses is meant to be exciting, individual and affordable and with an abundance of sequins, hearts, tassels, pom poms and neon, she doesn’t fail to disappoint.

“Happy” Basket (£15) which also comes trimmed in white with the word “Love” on it

I adore this “Happy” basket, which I used today when I went to the beauticians to have my legs sprayed a less bluer shade of blue. The sun was shining and in it I popped my flip-flops, my keys and my purse. Equally it would be great to use around the house, disguising those bits and bobs that get in the way but which are a necessary part of life. A bit like children really. Only joking – I mean keys, lipsticks and bits of lego.

And Eric, our reindeer, much looks more seasonally appropriate with his tassels and pompoms. All of which could be draped around almost anything in our homes, from the star basket above, to a shelving unit, round a plant, on an Easter tree or a from a window catch.

Next on my list is one of these Gift pop throws (£85) which is just what our living room needs now that the warmer months are (hopefully) here. It’s time to store away the faux fur and embrace the pom poms instead!

I’d also love one of these sequin baskets (£15) for my magazines (or loo rolls!)

Hannah is constantly sourcing and stocking new products for her lovely online boutique so do nip over and take a look. It’s hard to head her way and not come away with a smile (and a few new bits for yourself!)

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