Cove Cashmere – a niche knitwear brand with pops of neon!

I don’t know about where you all are but it’s certainly still very chilly here. Even when the sun is out there doesn’t seem to be much warmth in it – well apart from that one weekend when I was sure that summer was here and that it was time to pack  my winter clothes away. How wrong was I?! It’s Mr SG’s 50th next Wednesday and at one point, snow was forecast. For one who isn’t really relishing the thought of being 50, this was not good news.  

Eva cashmere neon jumper – navy with pink trim  (£155)

With all of the above in mind, and given how much I feel the chill, it’s always nice to come across a niche brand on Instagram – especially when the words “cashmere” and “pops of neon” are involved. Hello! Count me in!

By way of background, Cove Cashmere was launched in 2011 by local friends and entrepreneurs, Sarah and Jacqueline,  after they identified a niche in the market for an affordable knitwear collection. Their pieces are aimed to serve busy women of all ages who want to look good effortlessly.

Maybe it’s a bit corny having photos taken of “Cove knitwear” in a Cove – a bit like matching your bag and shoes (although to be fair matchy matchy is sort of having a mini comeback) – but the ice cream here was good. Not to mention the view, of course.

Eva cashmere neon jumper – navy with pink trim  (£155)

The Eva is a neat poncho style, which can be worn on its own – as can the Florence (below) or over another layer or in my case, two or three! Sometimes I feel that I don’t need as much coverage on my arms and so long as my body is warm, I can get away without the need for thick jumpers.  And I love the fact that I can just roll this up and pop it in my bag whipping out my extra layer, Mary Poppins style, when the need arises.

Florence cashmere swing poncho in charcoal and yellow (£180)

This is the Florence style of poncho which I’m wearing on a particularly windy day! If like me you are freelance and if you don’t want to heat the whole house during the winter, an extra layer in a poncho makes for a great – and stylish – way to keep warm. But out and about with jeans or pleather leggings, or at work with smart trousers and instead of a blazer, either the Eva or the Florence would work a treat.

Whilst Sarah and Jacqueline began with their signature reversible ponchos Cove continues to grow with new styles with eye catching details including (that all important) pop of neon, a standout motif or a flash of lurex sparkle. The collection continues to include both cashmere and cotton cashmere pieces that focus on great colour combinations, quality yarns and original designs.  

You can follow Cove on Instagram and you can see where they are going to be when they’re out and about  at various events around the country here. For a taste of what else is available at Cove, just look at this gorgeous Holly Star Jumper in navy and pink (£120) –  such a beauty!

One of the lovely aspects of my job is working with smaller, as well as larger, brands. Whilst I borrowed these pieces for the purpose of trying them and photographing them, and whilst this post was written in conjunction with Cove, the pieces have now been returned and all views are my own. The only money that exchanged hands in the writing of this post was me giving our youngest 50p for her efforts in taking the photographs. Is that too light?!

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