A quick spring update – wearing your underwear as your outerwear

But we’re not talking wearing your pants over your tights, Superman style. Just in case you were wondering.

I’m interrupting my series of posts about the five top trends on the High Street this Spring, to bring you this quick Wardrobe Update. The interruption is largely due to the fact that I will have an abandoned child at a train station in Birmingham if I do the post that I was planning on doing but it’s also because I really like this look – and if like me you’re not so good with a plain t-shirt, this might just be for you too.  

We’ve seen bralette tops making a big splash this spring, not only as underwear but as outerwear too and this is how the look is shaping up….Fancy trying one? No? Why ever not? 

Bralette top Zara (£25.99)

So in comparison this is a very tame look. OK so your husband/partner/children may well ask you if you’ve put your clothes on in the wrong order but what do they know about fashion? Pah! Nope, this is the quickest way to update your look. Chuck on a t-shirt, bang a pretty cami over the top. Job done. 

Or if you’re uber lazy like me, you can buy this Zara top and t-shirt (£17.99) and the work has already been done for you.

That child* that I mentioned. Well she’s now been officially abandoned. Ooops.

* said “child” is now over 18 so please don’t call Social Services.

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