The five top trends on the High Street this Spring – In the Army

Over the next few posts, I’m going to take a look at some of the big trends hitting the High Street. As with each season, there are distinct and definite trends, although having said that there is some merging and cross-referencing of trends along the way. And the best way to bring yourself up to speed is to take a wander around Zara. Their stores are laid out in really clear trends and in colour packages too. Even if you don’t buy, it’s still worth taking a look – and chances are if you’re anything like me, something will grab you!

The first trend I’m going to look at is “Army”. Its influences can be seen not just in the traditional camouflage sense, although there is plenty of camo around, but in badges on shirts and in subtle detailing too.

Oversized shirt with patches from Zara (£25.99)

Starting with a white shirt with army badge detailing, this could be thought of as quite a subtle nod to the army trend, as opposed to a full on bear huge embrace. It’s crisp, white and slightly oversized and it’s lovely. I nearly bought it the other day but didn’t. I think that I might be paying the store a return visit

 Military shirt from Zara (£29.99)

This is also a subtle nod to military styling, the main reference being simply to it’s khaki colour. It’s a lovely soft tencel so easy to wear, great on a hot day, for travelling in, or over swimwear on the beach.

A shirt, or top, is such an easy way to tap into any trend. This New Look embroidered trim military shirt (£22.99) is a great option for anyone – and I include myself in this – who prefers some feminine or pretty details alongside the more utilitarian army type feel.

Camo shirts were a huge trend last summer and they are back again. I bought one from New Look at the end of last summer and this year it’s been repeated (New Look green camo print shirt £24.99). It’s 100% cotton and fairly thick, so it could double up as a jacket on a warmer spring day. Oh, and if you’re wearing cut offs but want to cover any less than toned bits at the backs of your legs, just tie it around your waist and rock your inner Cara at the same time. Who says that you can’t look cool whilst covering cellulite?!

So now we’re getting to the real deal in the form of Zara camouflage cargo trousers (£29.99). Side pockets always remind me of the band All Saints. I know, I’m showing my age! They can be kept quite “tough” with a slogan t-shirt and biker jacket, or prettied up a little with an embroidered top – of which there are many and which I’ll be looking at in a future post.

Coming on to jackets, there’s the Hush Kafka jacket (£70) which is a great choice. I like that it’s not too long so you can see a jeans belt. Belts – they are having a revival in a big way! And if you have a wardrobe full of denim, navy and black,  a camo jacket will work its way in there nicely.

For something a little more full on in the army style stakes, there’s the Camouflage print parka Zara (£49.99). I like the styling of this with its statement neckline and big sleeves plus it has a hood and a waist tie, so you can create some shape at the waist.  And if you’re out and about a lot pushing a pram, going on long walks, in and out of the car, or just because you fancy it, this is a versatile spring coat.

Hopefully there’s something for everyone here – whether you want a nod or a full on embrace, or just to try something a little different. Hope that you’re having a great week and I hope to be back soon! x


  1. StyleGuile
    March 10, 2017 / 10:17 pm

    Oooh yes, I can imagine that it works for you really well! Enjoy wearing it x

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