The 5 top trends on the High Street this spring – embroidery

Today I’m looking at all things embroidery related and oh my golly, you can’t walk through a shop without being accosted by an embroidered top, a pair of jeans, a pair of shoes, a bag, a jacket – you name it, it’s been embroidered. It’s such a HUGE trend this season and so easy to tap into in  a really minor way. Plus some may find it more accessible than the military, or army, trend that I looked at yesterday.

First off, embroidered jeans. I tried some Topshop ones at the end of last summer and decided that I looked a plonky head in them so left them in the store. This year I may try them again. No doubt others will still think that I look a plonky head in them but I’m not ready to give up quite yet.

First off there are the Next embroidered jeans (£42). Quite a lot of the styles that I’ve seen seem to be heavily ripped, so it’s just a question of finding that balance between pretty and roughed up.

Anyone tried the Mom jeans yet? I really, really hated them to start off with but I’m definitely coming round to them – although they can make your bum look seriously big! These are the Moto floral mom jeans from Topshop (£59).

These Zara mid-rise jeans with embroidery (£39.99) are cropped. I love the floral but the cropped length can make them a little less versatile. Sometimes I like to be able to play with the length of my jeans, depending on the shoes that I’m wearing, or whether I’ve bothered to apply any fake tan to my ankles.

Then moving on to tops. Peasant style embroidered tops will accost you from every angle, as they did last year. But if they’re not for you, then there are alternatives…

This mandarin collar floral embroidered shirt from Zara (£25.99) is a lovely little number and it’s 100% cotton too, which is a bonus in the summer months. I don’t think that us mere mortals would end up doing an abs flash in it.

Here we’re going full on peasant style with this embroidered off the shoulder top from Zara (£25.99). For some the volume may be too much whilst others will love it. The sleeves offer good coverage for those who would rather not have their arms on display and there are lots of different coloured tops in this style around.

This is quite a pretty, girly, option  from Zara (£25.99). It taps into trend for all things frilly, as well as all things embroidered. I love it. Again I wouldn’t really fancy ironing it every time that I wore it and it’s probably on the young side for me but….

Then there are embroidered shoes, such as these tie sandals Topshop (£52). I can understand that people may feel that an embroidered shoe (even if not this style) is an easier option than a piece of clothing. Embroidered backless loafers would be a good option.

Or even easier than a pair of shoes – a bag! I like the detailing on this bag in addition to the flowers. And a cross body bag is always such a useful addition to a wardrobe. This is the floral cross body bag Topshop (£35).

Hopefully this offers up a little bit of an idea as to what is out and about there when it comes to embroidery. There are endless options and if the embroidery trend appeals to you, no doubt you will find something that you like. Do let me know how you get on and what you come across on your travels! Just tag me in a post @bethgoodrham_stylist on Instagram if it’s easier.

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