(One of) THE shoe shapes of the season – the V throat toe sandal (no, I don’t really understand that either!)

Next £38 – they also come in black, red and orange

I’m going to have to ask you to bear with me on this one because these shoes really don’t make a very good first impression do they? If you were out on a date with them you’d maybe have a G&T with them before making your excuses and leaving. And as for thinking about having them in your wardrobe? Well in some ways they’re not really an obvious choice. But then let’s take a minute to think shall we? Because stranger things have happened. I mean people wear furry Birkenstocks after all.

Darcey flats from Office (reduced to £32 from £58)

I tried a pair of these yesterday and in that odd sort of “these are so horrible I quite like them” kind of way, they suddenly became quite appealing. For a start they’re a little different to what has been around for the past few seasons (well, other than way back in the 90s) and that’s always a good thing because when you’ve done quite a few summers (like I have) it’s good to see something different.

Office grey leather slingbacks (£69)

And they’re flat. Which for Mrs Sensible in the corner (i.e. me) that’s a really good thing. They also offer a decent amount of foot coverage so for people who don’t want too much on display, that too is a good thing. But the sling back makes them slightly more summery. Am I persuading you?!

New Look suedette slingbacks (£18)

A lot of the styles are fairly pricey – but the New Look ones (above) are a good price point and a great choice for those who prefer not to wear leather.  And whilst we’re considering the pros of these little babies, let’s look at the “V” styling at the front – which makes them really flattering and leg lengthening. Which may go some way towards counteracting their ability to create cankles.

These Autograph leather slingbacks from Marks and Spencer (£49.50) come in black, as well as white, and they also come in half sizes. It’s good to see M&S in on the act!

Block heel slingback from Office (£68)

Now maybe a block heel will increase the appeal of these slightly ugly ducklings – which I have to say are growing on me the more that I write this post. I like the idea of these  with a midi skirt – probably my pleated Topshop one that I lived in last year and that I’m wearing now. I’m trying to get myself out of trainers but I’m finding it hard to wean myself off them as they’re so comfortable.

Magic bow back slingheels Office (£68)

With straight leg, slightly cropped, jeans these too would be great. I think that for people as pale as I am, a little fake tan on the ankles also assists against these paler grey and cream colours.

Sling back court shoe by Topshop unique (£115)

But where this style of shoe could really come into their own is with a heel. Maybe if there’s an event coming up, such as a wedding, the races, or a birthday party and you have an outfit that’s been worn before but which just needs a lift, these could inject what’s needed to bring the outfit up to date. Plus, they can be worn again with jogger style bottoms and a white shirt, or jeans and a fancy pants top.

Grey suedette v-throat toe pointed slingback New Look (£22.99)

And again, for some that are a great price, look no further than good old New Look.

I’m heading into town in the next few days so I’m going to have a good try on and see what I think. Where do you stand on the v-throat toe sandals? Love them, loathe them or sitting on the fence?


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