An H&M gem of a summer dress

This post comes with a warning – and several caveats! First, please excuse the tired face. The day that these photos were taken, I went up to Durham with our eldest and we had to be up at 5am to get there for a 10am start. And it doesn’t matter how early I go to bed the night before, I always feel like a bag of poo by about 11am. Secondly, yes, I am wearing a purple bra! I don’t think that I was planning on taking my clothes off in Durham 🙂 And thirdly, yes I am also wearing my fitbit. Oh, and the reason I’m leaning against the changing room wall (apart from being in need of a rest) was so that I excluded from the photo, the pile of clothes that I’d just chucked on the floor.

So, now we’ve got all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at this H&M dress which I found in the Durham store. Apparently it’s new stock and I can’t find it on the website yet – but it’s one of those dresses that I felt was a bit of a gem and which I wanted to share before they all came and went.

It’s gorgeously pretty – if you like that sort of thing. Personally I find summer dresses quite hard to find, well at least ones that I like enough to buy, although oddly I’ve recently added one or two to my collection (thanks Mr SG for being 50 soon. Very convenient.) But this one has sleeves, a good length to it and enough coverage so as not to feel too naked. The under slip is too low on me at the front (I had to choose my photos carefully show as not to flash any cleavage) so I will either turn the under slip around and wear it back to front, shorten the straps, or buy another one.

Now at £69.99 admittedly this is quite pricey for an H&M dress but there is enough about it to make me think that it’s worth it. It only comes in two sizes – XS/S and M/L (I think!) I’m wearing the XS/S and it’s pretty big – possibly too big for me. On the other hand the style of the dress means that it can get away with being slightly looser and of course a pair of heels can fix everything in life. Also, I like the idea of wearing it to a festival or a summer party and not worrying about it clinging in all the wrong places 🙁

Have a super weekend everyone and let’s hope that the sun shines!

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  1. Miss Mary
    March 27, 2017 / 1:14 am

    Fab dress!! I will be checking the US site looking for it.

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