There’s definitely no sign of spring in these steps – but they are the perfect snow boots

These boots were my saviour whilst away last week. Not once did I have chilly toes, plus they’re light with great support in the in-step. In fact they’re so comfortable that I barely took them off.

I’d obviously heard about Sorel boots and how fabulous they were and for a few years I’ve been after an excuse to buy some. But not being a rugby or a football Mum and not having the need for them in everyday City life, they weren’t about to make an appearance in my wardrobe. And signing your child up for a sport he doesn’t really like just so that his Mum has an excuse to buy a pair of boots that she does like. Well, in his words, that would be a bit “peak.”

But then? Then I saw via Instagram that Travelling Bazaar in Farnham had some in the sale and they caught – or more specifically the bright laces – caught my attention. And with a week away in the snow on the horizon. Well. Say no more.

I’ve linked to the Sorel page on the Travelling Bazaar website here but more specifically to the a3 Sorel Galaxy Explorer, which I am wearing, here. They are still available in sizes 37, 37.5, 38 and 38.5 for anyone who is contemplating a pair and they are reduced from £110 to £85.

a3 Sorel Galaxy Explorer Shortie from Travelling Bazaar

Right, I had better be off as I have a very early start tomorrow. I’m doing 4 shows with QVC and have to be at the studios by 7am. But first I think that I might just take a closer look at the Travelling Bazaar website. I think that they may have a few gems. I love a good boutique and sadly we are pretty short on them around here…

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