An easy new season trend that we can all give a go!

Ruffle hem ponte trousers from Topshop (£24)

We’ve all the seen the ruffled, fluted, dip them in your coffee, get them caught in the dishwasher, sleeves of the last few seasons. They are everywhere, they are lovely and they are here to stay – but it’s also the turn of the ruffle hem.

As a concept I very much like the idea of them. A black trouser with a frill at the bottom? Yes I can definitely go there. And I won’t get them caught in the dishwasher either. Well, unless I’m doing some kind of contortion whilst filling it. I shouldn’t really trip over them either, which has been known to happen with wide trousers and pointy toed shoes. Plus I can go trainers and a blazer with a slogan t-shirt, or kitten heels and a sparkly jumper. So they tick the versatile box too.

Waffle mermaid trousers from Topshop (£39)

Topshop also have this pair too, which we should all buy just because of their name. Who doesn’t want to be likened to a mermaid on a daily basis?

A closer view of the mermaid trousers

High waist circle flare trousers Topshop (£95)

You know what I just said about tripping up? I might fear for my safety in these but those who are loftier than I am could no doubt pull them off a treat. And don’t be scared of the double ruffle or fluted hem. Here the ruffled sleeve and ruffled hem have been mixed with aplomb.  

I suspect that we will see these everywhere this season so keep an eye out and have a play. I have the first Topshop pair on order, so I’ll give them a go when they arrive and let you know how I get on. My hopes are high!



  1. Briella Lane
    February 5, 2017 / 12:10 pm

    Gosh I don't see these as an easy piece to weareduce at all. Quite out there.

    • StyleGuile
      February 6, 2017 / 12:43 pm

      Hi Briella! Maybe on first glance they may seem out there but they're just a pair of black trousers (with a bit of a frill) so they will go with lots of things. I think what I mean in terms of accessibility is that they don't involve flashing lots of flesh, or lots of cash, they're practical, not too bright or too printed or "big" in their styling so they're something we can all try – even if we later discount them! Not that I'm right – or that you're wrong – it's just a different way of looking at them. x

  2. StyleGuile
    February 6, 2017 / 12:31 pm

    Oh yes, you're right they do. They wore such fab clothes then didn't they? My husband will no doubt laugh too!

  3. StyleGuile
    February 6, 2017 / 12:32 pm

    Hi Julie – I think that they will either be a winner or a huge fat fail but I'm looking forward to mine arriving! x

  4. shelovestowrite
    February 10, 2017 / 10:37 pm

    Ooh I love these Beth. Thank you. Love cropped trousers but I have a wardrobe full of them so these are something new. Can see them with a white shirt to jazz up a simple outfit. Just my thing. Only prob, I've just been on TS and they're sold out in 10s. Fingers crossed they'll restock ��

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    March 14, 2017 / 6:42 am

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