Toasty whilst running in the snow, thanks to Cocobay

We awoke on Saturday morning to a sprinkling of snow, which I really love running in. It was so pretty out, although it didn’t last long and by the time that we got home, the snow had nearly disappeared.

I was so toasty and comfortable in what I was wearing, thanks in part to these bodyglove leggings from Cocobay which are totally brilliant in this weather. They are made from moisture wicking fabric and one of the great things about them is that they kept me at a constant (warm) temperature for the entire run – and have done so on previous long runs too.

Somehow these leggings look so more exotic in the sun!

One of the other things that I love about them, is the waistband. When I first tried them I wondered whether they were a bit snug around the waist but in fact they’re not. After a minute or two I’m totally unaware of the waistband, which is wide and fitted and it doesn’t shift, not even a millimetre, on a really long run. So whereas before I was stopping and hoiking (I’m not sure if that’s a proper word – but you know what I mean) my leggings up every few miles, there’s no shifting with these whatsoever. And I know that they must be good because now when a long run is suggested, these pop into my mind as being the leggings that must be washed and ready for action.

I’m also wearing the Seafolly Flower Festival Windbreaker hoodie, also from Cocobay. I really love the print and styling of this jacket and the hood offered perfect protection from the elements without making my head over heat, which hats can do. There are toggles on the hood so that it can be pulled tight enough so that it doesn’t fall off. It really is a most attractive look from the front!!! When the warmer weather comes I will be able to lose my heavier jacket but for now at least, I like to layer them up together.

I shall be interested to see how the leggings feel in the warmer months and whether they adjust to the heat. They will definitely be coming skiing with me next week as I think that they will be great under salopettes….that is if I get as far as the slopes. But if not, they will be great for running in (if the conditions permit) or for HIIT training (am I allowed to say whilst watching Joe Wicks without his top on – which is actually quite a pleasant sight)?!

Oh and don’t forget that you can get 15% off Cocobay’s new range of Activewear with the code BETHACTIVE

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  1. Jan McIntyre
    February 14, 2017 / 9:25 pm

    Oh I love those leggings. Might have to invest!!!

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