My pom pom has to be bright!

There’s no doubt that over the past few years, bobble hats have come into their own and one of the best brands for them is the aptly named Bobbl. I’ve been looking at bobble hats for a while now and I was looking at (OK lusting after) the Bobbl ones the other day. However I just felt that the total price of £72 for the hat and the bobble, which can be bought separately, was more than my internal budget of “how much is an appropriate amount to spend on a bobble hat” allowed. But there’s no denying that they are gorgeous! 

So then I got to thinking. Hmmmm. I had a grey cable knit beanie from the GAP and a skinny dip London pom pom key ring that I hadn’t yet used, so I got my pliers out, de-constructed the key ring and sewed the pom pom to the hat. And hey presto, I had my pom pom. Obviously it’s not quite as good as the bobbl ones but effectively it was free. So I’m happy to go with it for now. 

To create your own, you could go fort this cashmere ribbed beanie GAP (£23.96), which also comes in black…

….and put it with this pink split pom pom £6 from Skinny Dip London. Personally I like a faux fur bobble rather than a knitted one as I can’t feeling it crashing around on the top of my head. It’s just me. I’m a bit funny about things like that. Oh, and I like it to be bright! 

or this lilac split pom pom £6 from Skinny Dip London

Or there’s this Next pom pom key ring which comes in plum, teal or orange (£6)

…and then you’re pretty much there. There are cheaper beanies around of course, Primark, H&M, New Look etc will all have them. 

 And these were also contenders for a bobble hat purchase, had I decided to buy one…

Joules  pink bobble hat £19.95 – just look at that pom pom!

Joules yellow bobble hat (£19.95) – the colour is probably the nearest thing we’re going to get to anything resembling sunshine right now! 

There’s also a great one in Accessorize that’s yellow and white Fair Isle with a yellow pom pom and John Lewis has some with writing on them – “Prosseco Ho Ho Ho” I think one says, plus there are a couple of others in the same range with slogans on them but I can’t find them online. Sorry! Anyway, happy pom-pom-ing!

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