Because Christmas is all about giving….or is it?

Christmas is all about giving and I understand that, really I do. But you know, if you’re on your travels and you see a little something for yourself, or if you feel in need of a little addition to your wardrobe to perk it up for Christmas, then maybe I can guide you on your way. So far these are the things that I have bought for friends and kept for myself  think some of you might like….

I love these low court shoes with frill from H&M (£14.99). They won’t break the bank and if you don’t walk too far in them they probably won’t break your feet either. They have such a cute block heel and I would wear these around the house at Christmas time instead of slippers. So whether I was in my trusty Me & Em joggers or beaten up jeans, I would still feel ever so slightly “put together.”

Even if you’re not a big fan of sparkle, a sparkly top coat of nail varnish is always fab over any colour – and it makes your nail varnish last longer too. Barry M diamond glitter from Super Drug (£2.99)  is brilliant. Another idea is a glittery liquid eyeliner. Topshop sell them (although not online) and I love putting mine over the top of my ordinary eyeliner. It’s an easy Christmas make-up update.

I love these rings from H&M (£5.99). They can be worn on the upper and lower part of the finger. Sometimes it’s just nice to try something a little bit different but which doesn’t cost too much. Things like this give me a little “whoop whoop” in my stomach at least!

I love an ear cuff too. It means that you can have all the fun of an additional ear decoration without having another piercing. Claire’s Accessories have a really great selection which I’ve linked to here but in particular I like this gold star cuff (£4.50)

And these are currently my most favourite socks EVER. They are the glitter star wars socks from Topshop (£3.50). I’m rubbish with Star Wars – I don’t understand it and fall asleep when watching it but I feel that with these socks I’m no longer the Star Wars outcast of the family.

Some of my favourite presents have been ones that are personalised and I love giving them as gifts too. A great place for personalised stationery and notebooks is the aptly named Papier. They do a great selection of notebooks, such as this flamingo travel notebook (£12.99)

Or I really like leopard notebook (£12.99)

And finally, what more could a girl want than a pink fluffy bag? This one is the one that featured on the blog yesterday but it reminds me of the whole “pink fluffy pencil case” scenario in the Daisy, “Eat your Peas” books, which both of our girls loved. This bag is from River Island and costs £20

Or there’s this navy blue furry bag from Skinnydip at Topshop (£28)

Oooh but before I leave, whilst we’re on all things furry, how about some ugg sheepskin innersoles from Schuh (£18)? Whilst they seem the ultimate in the wholly unexciting and practical present, if you have a pair of wellies or trainers that are too big, or you own boots that are fine with thicker socks but not with tights (that might be me then) – these would be heaven. 

And finally, this is something that I have my eye on and absolutely love. It’s the ultimate star from the White Company (£42). It’s sold out online but I’ve seen plenty of them in our local store. And for me this wouldn’t just be for Christmas – it could stay out all year round.  As one who has been looking at wall art for a while now, I have about 75 places I would love to put it! In this picture it’s had some fairy lights woven through it but it’s made of glass beads so it will catch the light without them.

We give so much to others at Christmas – both physically and emotionally – that it’s important that we nurture ourselves too. And if that’s not a fabulous excuse for treating ourselves to a pressie or two that we can wear/make lists in/look at whilst tidying the house/cooking the food/doing the washing etc – then I don’t know what is!

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