7 reasons to buy this top….

I spend a lot of time in the shops and occasionally I come across a particular piece of clothing that will work so well for a shape that I feel compelled to share it…and this is one such top.

If you’ve got boobs of a certain size and above, you will know only too well the problem of trying to buy tops which are flattering. The reasons for this are because:

  • The most flattering style tops are often not the most stylish, or the most up to date;
  • The majority of tops have a round neck, or a high neck and whilst they can be OK, they’re not the best necklines;
  • Buttons are the enemy of busty girls. They gape, which means there’s a choice between flashing what you don’t want to flash to people you don’t want to flash it to, or going up a size. Going a size up adds extra fabric, which isn’t always flattering;
  • Lots of tops are really wide, sometimes with bat wing sleeves. These are also the enemy of the busty girl – especially when combined with a high neck. Then it looks as if boobs are coming from all directions;
  • Huge prints and bright colours can draw attention to where it isn’t necessarily required – not that ladies with a bigger bust should hide themselves in a corner but you know, sometimes women just want to be quietly elegant, emphasising their assets without shouting about them;

So when I spotted this spot print tie neck blouse from Warehouse (£39) I thought that it deserved a little post of its own. This is why, in my view, it’s such a winner:

  • It has that elusive but oh so sought after V-neck. Bigger busted women rejoice!
  • It doesn’t have buttons. Big tick!
  • The black background is flattering;
  • The small print keeps the eye on the move, so there’s no lingering gaze where it may not be wanted;
  • The tie neck makes it not only flattering but stylish and trendy too. Double tick! And the tie can be tied at different lengths which will not only give different looks but it can also make the top more flattering;
  • The wide fluted sleeves create an area of interest away from the torso;
  • The floaty but non-see through fabric won’t add bulk.

That aside, it’s just a great top to own. A little bit rock chick, a little bit 1970’s, dress it a million ways for the Christmas season without screaming “Christmas”!


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