Giving our new light a “glowing” review

Although the building work finished on our house way back in July, it wasn’t until we started living with the new room through the changing seasons that we really started to work out what else needed to be added to it (what a great excuse for a purchase or two!)

Because the new room is quite spacious and because we have a lot of glass, the very far corner of the room can seem a long way off, and a little lacking in atmosphere, especially when it’s dark outside. I knew that it needed lighting up but preferred the idea of a “glow” – more like a fire, rather than anything direct or task orientated.

I’d had my eye on this Chicago floor lamp from Made (£189) for a while and then a couple of weeks ago I spotted a pop up Made store in Birmingham so in I went…

And having had a good fiddle, and having given it a good once over, I decided on the muted grey and brass. It’s quite hard to take a photograph of a light when it’s dark and get an accurate idea of what it’s like – but I think that you get the drift. The reflection in the above picture is probably a more accurate reflection (sorry about the pun) of what the light really looks like when it’s switched on.

It’s definitely glowing!

The design of the light is based on the lights used on Hollywood film sets and luckily Mr SG is a fan – so it’s here to stay. What he’s going to think of the new sideboard that I’ve bought and which is being delivered on Friday is, perhaps, another matter…. 


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  1. Clare O'Flynn
    October 27, 2016 / 11:02 am

    Oh wow, love it! Would like to see more of the finished extension or did I miss it?

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