Bravo for Bravissimo – and a lovely discount too!

[Cleo breeze bra – lovely but not for me. I loved trying different styles though!]

Now of course we all KNOW that we should go and get our bras fitted regularly and we (well at least I) pretend to myself that I do, however nothing could be further from the truth. Partly I think that I feel guilty in spending the time doing it, as it always takes quite a chunk of time, and also in spending the money. Why that is I’m not quite sure, given how many hours we wear our bras, what they’re required to do and what a difference they can make to our shape and how our clothes look. Crazy really!

Many years ago, just after I had finished feeding our now 8 year old, I found a bra that really was the best of a very bad job (even Selfridges in London gave up on me in despair) and since then I’ve just bought the same style on repeat. But when I was invited to go along to the new Bravissimo store in Birmingham for a bra fitting, I took courage in both hands and popped along.

Gossard super boost lace t-shirt bra (£30) – hey bingo, it fit!

So first off I met the lovely Kat who was absolutely brilliant. She was ample of bosom so understood what she was talking about, she knew her stock like the back of her hand and had a brilliant personality to boot. If anyone was even vaguely shy about having their bras fitted, she would put them at ease in a jiffy.

In a nutshell – and as I knew was the case – my bra was too big around my back, so obviously it wasn’t doing much supporting round the front – and quite frankly that’s not good. Bravissimo’s bras start a 28″ back, which can be almost impossible to find.

Refined glamour bra by Wonderbra (£30) – my second hit of the day!

Without even measuring me, Kat took me down from a 32″ back to a 30″ back, up a couple of cup sizes and hey presto, things definitely started looking up. I must easily have tried on 30 bras (“nope”, Kat would say “Freya isn’t for you, take it off “) and after an hour or so we had discounted all but two – but I’m delighted with those two and I will be ordering both in different colours now that I’ve worn them and know that they’re comfortable. And I know that without Kat’s help, I wouldn’t have found those two as for me, finding a bra that fits is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

So the moral of this post is this: if you want your clothes to look better and for your boobs to be in the right place (or if you fancy a new, more voluptuous chest) go and get your bras fitted properly. It looks a whole lot more natural, and is a whole lot cheaper, than the surgery route. And if you’re in Birmingham, do head to Bravissimo (next door to Jigsaw) and ask for Kat. She’s a bra superstar!

Finally, just so that you know, I was gifted a bra and pants set as part of my invitation to see the new store, but irrespective of that I am genuinely delighted with my new acquisitions. Bravissimo have kindly offered a 10% discount in the Birmingham store which can be obtained by quoting “Love Brum”, It’s available until 16th October on full priced items. Happy shopping!

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