The Dotty P floral midi dress…

We all know that the world was inundated with floral midi dresses during the summer – and it hasn’t stopped there. They are everywhere but it’s only really this Dorothy Perkins floral midi dress (was £45 now £34.20) that has made me want to commit. There are some great ones around and I’ll share my favourites in another post but what sold this one to me was a) the colours b) the fabric (it feels like silk, not like nylon) c) the band around the neck which has that sporty nod to it and which stops it from feeling too “Grandma” like d) the fit – it’s not like a nightie (or a maternity dress) to wear, which is always my slight concern.

I wore this dress last night to an event that I went to with the White Company and boy did I stand out – not only like a sore thumb but like an entire sore fist. Frankly I’m surprised that I wasn’t asked to leave for spoiling the neutral aesthetic of the store. I’m off to London on Friday so it’s coming with me there on a trip. I’m quite interested to see what mischief we can get up to together.  Have a great weekend, if I don’t see you all again before then. x


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