The slip dress round 3 – layering underneath and over the top!

I’ve done two posts now using this slip dress, which can be read here (when it was a sunny day and I wore it with flip flops and a sun hat) and here (when I wore it with trainers and a silky, waterfall oriental print jacket).

For its third outing, on a much colder day than when I wore the dress the first time, I layered a silk printed shirt with a pussy bow underneath it and a Jigsaw bomber jacket over the top. For shoes I wore some heavier Zara flatform  style loafers, which have bit of an espadrille sole to them.

All that’s needed to achieve something similar is a blouse or shirt that you like and a blazer or jacket too. As many of you will know, it can work with a slip dress, a shift dress and some styles of sundresses. Sometimes it’s just good to have a play and see where it takes you. But anyway, that’s the slip dress done for now. I promise.

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