The New Look Camo Shacket

Apart from wearing some blue camo GAP trousers that I’ve had for a really long time now, I don’t have much camo in my wardrobe. Sometimes it’s all a little bit too green for me and it also has connotations associated with it which mean that I’m not quite sure it should be worn in a fashion sense – a bit like wearing tribal, or religious, symbols really. It’s something that I’ve thought about quite a lot over the years….

…but then I saw a shacket from New Look (not showing online but mine was £24.99 and is called “camo shacket” on the label. It’s very similar to this one, also from New Look) and I demonstrated to myself how truly shallow I am by buying it and wearing it many times since. But then maybe it’s not shallow. Maybe I was just over thinking things before and maybe it doesn’t cause offence. I’m not really sure now.

Aside from the whole camo debate though, a shacket is great for this time of year when there can be a chill in the air despite the fact that it’s meant to be the height of summer. It means that whatever lies beneath can peep through, without it being covered up by a jumper. Also a shacket is something that can generally be kept on all day, inside or out, so it’s not like a blazer or jacket that needs to be taken off and put back on time and again (because obviously that is such a hardship!) It’s more the lack of faff and just keeping on until bedtime what I first put on in the morning, that appeals to me.

Like a denim shirt but a bit of an update, a camo or khaki shacket is good for keeping the chill at bay on those Guernsey beaches that we will be heading towards shortly.

I’ve debated whether I should have gone for a larger size – mine is an 8 – but I like how it feels. Sometimes over sized is good – sometimes it just looks like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes.

Here are another couple of options for anyone mulling the idea over. Maybe they are a little more “jacket” like than the one that I am wearing but they just provide a feel for what’s out and about at the moment. Hope that you all enjoy taking a look!

H&M Cargo Jacket (£24.99)

H&M twill jacket (£24.99)

Khaki camo print jacket New Look (£29.99)

Zara military shirt (£29.99)

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