The Flora Top from Baukjen – the perfect summer top

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A couple of weeks ago I was asked by the girls at Baukjen whether I might like to write a preview piece ahead of the launch of their Pre-Fall collection. We decided that it would be nice for me to style a few of their pieces in my own way, feeling that if I’ve worn the pieces about which I’m writing, it adds to the authenticity of the post.  

So this post is all about tops, and in particular the Flora top by Baukjen (£59). 

I have to say that I haven’t got on particularly well with off the shoulder tops this summer. The ones that I have tried or bought have generally sidled their way back onto my shoulder, or the elastic has been tight, or the armholes too small or my movement has felt compromised. I’ve been worried that if I move my arms something will flick up, or off, or ping me where I don’t want to be pinged. However I have a one shouldered dress that I find really comfortable and so when I saw the Flora top, I really wanted to try it.

I have to say that I really loved wearing this one shouldered top. If anyone is on the hunt for an all round fab summer top, then for me this would have to be it. Unlike full on “off the shoulder” tops it feels anchored. Securely in place, it doesn’t move around.  This top has a little “shelf” inside it. which for some may mean that a bra isn’t necessary but for those who do still need to wear one, it keeps the strapless bra in place (we all know how those little blighters can end up around your waist by the end of the day – with its contents not far behind!)

Here I’ve pulled the shoulder down to make the top slightly more asymmetric. And the good thing about it is that wherever the neckline is placed, it doesn’t feel, or look, out of place plus it stays there which makes it hugely versatile and much more interesting to wear and re-style.

Here I’ve gone even more “off the shoulder” but still it works. It remains comfortable – and I’m all about comfort. 

Now as the shorts are my own, I didn’t mind doing a little kerb perching, just so that you can see the top from the back. It’s quite a deep frill but as it’s jersey it’s soft and not too “sticky outy” so it’s not one of those tops to feel self conscious in, despite its frill. And because the frill sits quite flat, it would still flatter a curvy bust. Substantial too – yes, that’s the word I’m looking for. It feels substantial whilst still being feminine and summery.

Here the frill has flicked itself over on my right shoulder but that’s what I love about this top – it can be worn all sorts of ways and it can flick its frill where it wants but it still works.

For information purposes, I’m wearing a size 8 which was perfect so I would say that it is true to size. It was fitted but not tight, with enough room in it to accommodate a BBQ and quite a large slice of oreo cake, plus it had a good length to it too. I think that the sun is due to shine again this weekend so for anyone on the look out for a new top to wear, I can highly recommend this one.

As with all good shoots (OK, Barbie films) my 8 year old Photographer/Creative Director and I decided that we needed to include some Out-Takes….

So of course any photographer worth their salt knows how important it is to take their spoon with them on a shoot so that they can eat the contents of their Cornetto on the way home, which was payment for the taking of these photographs. She doesn’t like the cone, hence the spoon. (As it was she stung me for the most expensive Magnum in the shop!) I guess that it was a fair exchange really.

And a passer-by offered to take our photograph together…so that had to go in. 

Oh and how I wish I could do this with my eyes. She’s very proud of herself.

But anyway, enough of that. Whilst we’re on the subject of tops, here’s a selection of tops that Baukjen has this season.

Beacham Top (£59) – Now this is a great colour for people like me who don’t look good in paler colours and also for those who want the versatility of a top that can be slightly off the shoulder/asymmetric but still really easy to wear. It also has a great length to it and ruching at the waist, which I can vouch for as being very handy!

Fleur  top (£59) – I’m intrigued by this top and it’s definitely on my list of ones to try. Perfect for those who want an off the shoulder look but who just don’t do strapless bras. Or for those ladies who do, but who like the double strap idea.

Calvin Top (£69) – I’m loving the slightly 80’s vibe about this top. My best friend at University always used to pull the shoulders down on her top so it reminds me of nights at our Friday night disco. I love the volume in the sleeves and the body too – sports luxe meets 80’s disco. Very cool and easy to wear. I think that it’s fair to say that I have my eye on this top also.

Lila cold shoulder top (£59) – Style it up or down, this is a really versatile top, showing just enough but not too much.

Masham lace up top (£65) – I like this as an option for ladies who want something a little different but who would prefer to keep their shoulders and arms covered. The lace up detail is a nice addition.

I think that one of the things about doing this post that really struck me was just how lovely Baukjen clothes feel when on. I have a t-shirt, some jersey trousers and a jumpsuit of theirs already but in some respects a summer top that is stylish, stays in place, doesn’t reveal too much and is fitted without clinging is a REALLY tall order. So maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong place all along for those summer tops.

Remember, quoting STYLEG15 at the checkout will get you a lovely 15% discount on new season stock until midnight on 8th September.


  1. Fortyandofftherailsofftherails
    August 9, 2016 / 7:43 pm

    I love the one shoulder top, you've styled it so well in some lovely photos. Baukjen look like they've got some fab pieces coming up.

    • StyleGuile
      August 9, 2016 / 8:50 pm

      Thank you lovely lady. It really is a fab top to wear! So pleased that you liked the post 🙂

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