Holiday packing in a hand luggage sized suitcase….

When packing for our holiday to Guernsey this year I thought that I would see if I could get everything that I needed into a suitcase that would qualify as hand luggage. Admittedly I did check this suitcase in, and I took a separate bag for my lap-top, books, purse etc – so I wasn’t travelling on hand luggage only. But it wasn’t far off.

 And, for anyone who is remotely interested, this is what I got into the suitcase – from left to right, top to bottom…

Left hand row top to bottom:

Khaki bag for the beach/day trips;
4 x clutch bags/purses
2 x swimwear

Next row along top to bottom:

Striped jumper;
Striped dress;
Striped long sleeve top;
Printed scarf;
Jersey dress (hidden from view)

Middle row top to bottom:

White sun top;
White Victorian style blouse;
Embroidered Topshop top;
Denim cut-offs;
Beach dress (hidden from view);
Printed trousers

Next row along top to bottom

Flamingo t-shirt;
Khaki trousers (hidden from view)
Camo shacket;
Denim shirt;
Black shorts;

End row top to bottom

Sports wear;
Fluoro t-shirt

In terms of my shoes, which aren’t shown, I also packed two pairs of flip flops, one pair of sandals and I travelled in silver adidas trainers. The suitcase also held all my toiletries, jewellery, underwear, makeup, hairbrush and phone charger.

In a very loose way I worked on the basis of two of most things – jumpers, trousers, shorts, dresses, blouses, t-shirts, swimwear etc and then squeezed in a few more of what I could where I could.

So what didn’t go in the small suitcase? Given that there were two additional huge suitcases going with us, the temptation to take lots of other things was great but all that went in there was the hand held blender (no longer for baby food, fortunately, but for smoothies), running trainers and a beach towel.

I wouldn’t have been allowed to take this on as hand luggage as it was 11.5kg but I feel quite liberated and I’m interested to see how I get on for the week. It doesn’t look like I have too little but let’s see how I feel come Thursday. Anyone else tempted to give travelling on a hand luggage sized suitcase a go?

Actually I must dash. Mr SG has just announced that he’s going to bed so I had better go and move this lot before he switches the light off or the only thing left for me to sleep in will be my hand luggage sized suitcase.



  1. StyleGuile
    August 27, 2016 / 3:46 pm

    We're currently at the airport, having just re-distributed our luggage between various suitcases/hand luggage so that we could get it on the plane. And for once it wasn't my fault! #smug

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