Going a bit boho in Monsoon

Today I’m going a bit boho. Tomorrow I’m going a bit orange. Who knows what the next day will bring? Actually hopefully I won’t be orange but rather a lovely nut brown. My phone assures me that this weekend we will have some sun and given that we’re not going away until the end of August, I’m going to have to pretend instead. So if in my next post I’m a different shade, that’s why.

I seem to have a bit of a thing with red at the moment too, which is pretty unusual for me. Red accessories (and coats) I can do…but I have a feeling that it’s going to spill over into clothes this coming season. I’ve already tried to buy my first red piece of the season but it was out of stock. So that bodes well then. The bag is from GAP and the shoes were from Kew (anyone remember Kew?) a very long time ago now.

But anyway as to the jacket – I bought it a few weeks ago when it looked as if it was a very long way from the sale rail but when I went into Monsoon yesterday, there it was, bold as brass, half price at £27 give or take a few pennies. It’s lightweight – more of a blouse than a jacket really. For me, to qualify as a jacket, it needs to have some warmth about it but call it what you will it’s a smashing little number. The only thing that I would say is that it’s not hugely long in the body, so that’s worth bearing in mind. Honestly, if anyone can find this top/jacket on the Monsoon website they can have mine! I’ve searched jackets, cover ups, embroidery and sale but I can’t find it anywhere.*

*Having just read Sue’s post about this very jacket, it appears that it’s no longer available online, which explains why I can’t find it. Maybe I won’t be handing mine over after all.

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  1. Sue
    August 7, 2016 / 3:34 am

    The jacket looks fab on you Beth. And it's such a pretty little number isn't it? But yes, it seems to have disappeared the online earth – there were some still left on the Monsoon site when I posted but they have all been snapped up since. Ah well.

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