Coco Bay Beach Dress

Coco Bay embroidered maxi dress

I think that one of the lovely things about being properly “grown up” is having a few nice beach dresses to go over your swimwear. For me it was one of those things that arrived in my wardrobe later on in life (like about three years ago) along with decent swimwear, properly fitting bras and nice pjs, rather than an old t-shirt. These are the sort of thing that as a student you wouldn’t think twice about but which now take on a much greater significance.  

This black and white embroidered maxi dress was kindly sent to me by Coco Bay to wear whilst on holiday. I wasn’t sure whether the weather would warrant a beach cover up – other than a tent and a wind break – but we’ve been lucky and with the sun shining, I’ve had the chance to wear it.

This dress actually feels very glamourous for a day time dress, quite possibly because of its bandeau top, full length and because it is black – but it doesn’t feel too OTT.  It could also quite easily be worn in the evening as well as the day with the addition of accessories. What I really like though is the fit of the dress. The gathered waist gives a little definition without being tight and it has a lovely column shape about it which is flattering without being restrictive, either in terms of movement or what you can eat when wearing it – which is always a bonus on holiday. I love the embroidery on the back too, which is so pretty and the cotton that it’s made of is light and soft.

For anyone contemplating a last minute holiday or a winter cruise, I can definitely recommend this dress. I really love it and would have no hesitation in making it work really hard as part of a warm holiday wardrobe.

For anyone tempted, remember to quote BETH20 at the checkout for a 20% discount. The team at Coco Bay really do know the ins and outs of all of their stock and give a really personal service, so for swimwear or beachwear queries just give them a call. (I know that sounds like something from an advert but it really is true. And as I’ve said before, I hate swimwear shopping so I’m very happy to describe my requirements and for the team there to tell me what will work best for me!)

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